Given their remoteness, children in the remote area not only lack material supplies, they are also in need of a role that can lead them to learn stably.

Our professional and caring teachers go up to these schools regularly.  They accompany the children through diversified tutoring services and gradually improve their reading and self-learning skills.

互助國小 教學

The happiness about sharing with others

During raining season in May, the volunteers from DENER returned to serve at the Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County. This reading course was taught by volunteer teacher Du, she brought the picture book “a red apple” to this class. This picture book intends to lead the children to unite and learn to share. It also conveyed the concept that the land we are using; we must nourish it, made it endless and remind ourselves of the concept of not forgetting our roots. The first class began by the reading of the first and second grade children. As soon as they

南投縣互助國小 德內ㄦ

The Familiar Reading Sound

In March when spring comes, volunteer teacher Du Du went to Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County to teach reading. This is the first time we returned to school since the beginning of this semester. At first, we thought that we hadn’t seen the children for a while, and it would be inevitably a little strange for each other. But as soon as we entered in the school, I heard a child shouting, “Teacher, teacher…you are back!” A few children rushed over to hug the teacher, and then more children came. “We haven’t seen you for two months,” the kid said

偏鄉志工 服務 德內ㄦ

Learning to listen, what a special day!

During the cold wave hit, we came to Huzhu Elementary School in Renai Township, Nantou County again. In the reading class at the end of the semester, the body felt cold, but the heart was warm. In the classroom, it was not just what we brought to the children. As a volunteer, we were also learning how to keep our innocence. “Teacher, my name is…” “He is… the one in the front is… and the one in the back is” After a short self-introduction, the children shard their thoughts passionately. All you need to do is listen, and the kid would


When you forget about smile, let’s go to the remote area

What do you know about “remote education”? Far in the mountains? Several students in the class? Teacher Wang Zhengzhong said… “As long as there is one child being neglected in education, it is a remote education.” On the morning of August 29th, we came to “Renhe Elementary School” in Xinyi Township, Nantou County. We were greeted by fresh air and the singing of insects and birds. When the children arrived in the classroom, they walked into the classroom one by one. Their faces are extremely familiar to me because I find that I have the same dark complexion as they are.

“More Reading and More Happiness” Follow-up Report 2

In May of this year, Juela School began the borrowing of books process.  Teachers implemented the library management method that our volunteer team shared with them last year.  Step by step, it is integrated into the school’s administrative system.  Prior to this, the school did not have a borrowing system, students arbitrarily took books placed on the bookshelves for reading.  The teacher mentioned that it was not good for management.We had trained the school on how to use the borrowing register as well as numbered the donated books with the hope that school can carry out the work more easily. Teachers

“More Reading and More Happiness” Follow-up Report 1

Since we went to Juela School last August to lead the ” More Reading, More Happiness” project, the school has formed a “Happy Reading Group”.  Six teachers who were trained with us at the time continued to lead the students in the reading groups. The reading group was for student after class, and they could participate according to their wishes. Beginning in September was the first of the ” Happy Reading Group” session.  Children were very enthusiastic about enrollment, there were 53 students participated, mainly third and sixth grade students.  Due to the large number of students enrolled, the school divided