Given their remoteness, children in the remote area not only lack material supplies, they are also in need of a role that can lead them to learn stably.

Our professional and caring teachers go up to these schools regularly.  They accompany the children through diversified tutoring services and gradually improve their reading and self-learning skills.


Starting point for diversified course After a long summer vacation, we returned to Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County to teach diversified


Diversified class-Hou Liao Elementary School, Changhua County This fall, we formally launched the ‘’Diversified Classes’’ program. Through monthly teaching, we would help

互助國小 教學

During raining season in May, the volunteers from DENER returned to serve at the Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County. This reading

南投縣互助國小 德內ㄦ

In March when spring comes, volunteer teacher Du Du went to Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County to teach reading. This is

偏鄉志工 服務 德內ㄦ

During the cold wave hit, we came to Huzhu Elementary School in Renai Township, Nantou County again. In the reading class at


What do you know about “remote education”? Far in the mountains? Several students in the class? Teacher Wang Zhengzhong said… “As long