Given their remoteness, children in the remote area not only lack material supplies, they are also in need of a role that can lead them to learn stably.

Our professional and caring teachers go up to these schools regularly.  They accompany the children through diversified tutoring services and gradually improve their reading and self-learning skills.


Remote School Service-Cherish the happiness

Remote School Service in Hu Zhu Elementary school With the clear sky and a good weather, DENER team of teachers came to Hu Zhu Elementary school. In the classroom, there was already a group of second-grade children. First, teacher Du Du read the picture book “Change My Brother With You” in order to let the children know to cherish others. Because the character is a crocodile, during the extended activity , teacher DU DU prepared some English vocabulary for the children to know. In addition, teacher also added some simple English sentence, like “Wait a moment!”, “Keep going!”, etc. At the


Remote School Service-You are unique

Remote school service is ongoing Remote school service is a long-term project promoted by DENER. When the children of Shui Wei Elementary School saw the teacher come, they happily rushed forward to hug the teacher, and said loudly, “Teacher Ah Peng, I miss you so much!” In addition to this lovely girl, other children also discussed with each other what they had learned before. Back to the familiar classroom together, the good atmosphere in the class was established immediately. You are unique This time the course is called ” You are Unique,” and the picture book “You Are Special” conveyed the


Houliao Elementary School – Who is your superhero

Houliao Elementary School diversified class Due to the wonderful result of the diversified class in Houliao Elementary last semester, we added new second-grade children this semester to the group and  moved to a larger classroom.  With few new faces, Teacher Wei-Chen broke the ice with a game to help them to know each other, and then prepared to tell the children a superhero story. Into the world of picture book The picture book brought to the children of Houliao Elementary School this time is ‘’Max and superhero’’ teacher Wei-Chen and the children followed Max to see the superheroes in the movie.


Zhong Zheng Elementary School Teaching – Every way to express emotions

Zhong Zheng Elementary School diversified class Zhongzheng Elementary School, located in Renai Township, Nantou County, is DENER’s new service partner this semester. Teacher Jing Rong is leading the diversified class to the second-grade students. Before the class, the children showed their enthusiasm and welcomed the teacher in a unique Aboriginal way. In this class, Teacher Jingrong prepared a picture book “The Crying Princess” to share with the children about their emotions. Before officially entering the class, the teacher asked the children about their experience with emotions. Unexpectedly, children raised their hands eagerly to speak. During the class, they also actively discussed


Tie Shan Elementary School- Love in children’s eyes

First time to Tie Shan Elementary School This semester, DENER added two new partners to the long-term service partner. Tie Shan Elementary School in Waipu District was one of them. This is our first time to Tie Shan Elementary School. Teacher An An led the teaching service this semester. When we met for the first time, the first- and second-grade children were all well-behaved, sit quietly in their seats and listened to the teacher’s self-introduction. The teacher played a small game with everyone, and soon the classroom atmosphere become lively. What is ‘’love’’ After getting to know each other better, Teacher


Diversified class-Let children become their own heroes

Diversified classes are beginning This semester, DENER’s Diversified class started again in March when spring is blooming. Teacher Du Du and Teacher Squirrel are back to the familiar Hu Zhu Elementary School. When teachers stepped into the classroom, the children shouted the teacher’s name and were excited to share their moments with the teacher. Two separate wonderful classes In the first class of the new semester, teacher Squirrel brought the picture book “Paper Bag Princess”. Although the story focuses on the princess and prince that children were familiar with, but the core of the story was to break the stereotype of