Do you know there are many forgotten children in the different corners of the world? They yarn for the opportunities to study but have not been able to…

The story begins with a pen

In 2009, we established DENER educational fund intended to provide stationary for the children. The stationary is a symbol of encouragement for them to continue their study. We began with a pen, then an eraser, pencil case, exercise book…and little by little, we have a whole set of stationary kit! Every fall, DENER sends out the stationary to elementary school, middle school, orphanage and boarding schools worldwide to help kids finish their education.

In 2015, we officially established DENER Children Foundation in Taiwan. As of the end of 2015, we have sent our stationary to more than 30 schools around the world. They are located in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Africa, Taiwan and China (Qinghai Province, Yunnan Province, Zhejiang Province), with over 10,000 students each year.

DENER’s activities

As a charitable organization, DENER is committed to actively assist the educational programs for children internationally in remote area.

Our activities include:

  • Provide stationary to children in the remote area around the world as a mean of support and encouragement every year.
  • Actively participate in education and student programs for orphans and poor children in international mountainous areas.
  • Provide Train-The-Trainer Program to our volunteers so they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively help children in the rural areas.
  • Assist monastic schools in remote areas by providing learning appliances, clothing and textbooks, so these school monks can continue in their learning.
  • Provide different resources to assist the normal operation and maintenance of schools in remote mountain areas.

Seed of Hope

Some people ask why we want to help international children, because love itself is far-reaching and beyond nationality, race and culture. As long as there are children in need, we are willing to help.

But by ourselves alone, what we can do is very limited, like a drop of water into the ocean, because there are too many children that need help. Therefore we sincerely hope that if, each one of us can join and participate in a little bit, then these little bit, one day may become a stream, a lake, and then eventually we can help more children in need.