The Familiar Reading Sound

In March when spring comes, volunteer teacher Du Du went to Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County to teach reading.

This is the first time we returned to school since the beginning of this semester.

At first, we thought that we hadn’t seen the children for a while, and it would be inevitably a little strange for each other.

But as soon as we entered in the school, I heard a child shouting, “Teacher, teacher…you are back!”

A few children rushed over to hug the teacher, and then more children came.

“We haven’t seen you for two months,” the kid said cutely.

The school teachers laughed when they watched as the children’s expressions are always direct and innocent.

For this reading teaching, the volunteer teacher brought the story book “Golden Sun and Silver Sun”.

This is a story book depicting the legend of Taiwan aborigines shooting the sun.

Bavan, the wisest warrior in the book, took his son Vadan and his newly borned grandson Wali to help the tribe shoot the sun.

During the class, the children took turns reading story books attentively.

Volunteer teachers also keep asking children questions.

We hope that through the content of the story, children would understand the value of aboriginal culture, cherish their own identity, and unite their strength and traditions.