Remote School Service in Hu Zhu Elementary school

With the clear sky and a good weather, DENER team of teachers came to Hu
Zhu Elementary school. In the classroom, there was already a group of
second-grade children. First, teacher Du Du read the picture book “Change
My Brother With You” in order to let the children know to cherish others.
Because the character is a crocodile, during the extended activity , teacher
DU DU prepared some English vocabulary for the children to know. In
addition, teacher also added some simple English sentence, like “Wait a
moment!”, “Keep going!”, etc.


At the same time, teacher Du Du lso reviewed "Superhero English Word
Card" taught last time. Although they are unfamiliar with English, the children
were still brave enough to guess the meaning and say it out loud. When
writing the study sheets, some children could also be the little assistance to
their classmates.


Love yourself as you are

”Teacher Squirrel! Look how small the elephant is!” a little boy pointed at the
screen and said loudly. From another classroom, the voices of the children’s
discussion that was teacher Squirrel and the first-grade children read the story
of ‘’Elephant Emma’’. The character of the picture book is a colorful elephant.
Because he is different from his companions, so he is often treated differently.
In the precious reading time, Teacher Squirrel used Emma’s case to tell the
children that everyone is unique. In the hope to let children know that they
don’t need to be like others, but to love who they are.


At the end of the picture book time, teacher Squirrel handed out paper and
crayons to guide the children to draw a unique ‘’colorful elephant’’. As a result,
the white drawing paper was covered with all kinds of different patterns.
Children had learned to cherish the happiness in front of them.