Together, we’re creating a future where all children have the chance to receive education and succeed.
The little seeds we are planting will eventually blossom
As of the end of 2019, we’ve supported schools in Taiwan, Nepal, Bhutan, India and China, with more than 10,000 students.
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DENER Children Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting educational assistance programs for children in remote districts. Over the years, we have witnessed the challenges faced by these children, such as limited resources, not enough teachers willing to stay, and a lack of multicultural experience. We firmly believe that education is the fundamental key for changing their lives, and every child has the right to be loved and receive equal education. Therefore, we constantly seek and devote various resources for these children, hoping to provide them with a future that embraces more opportunities.

Our Projects

Diverse Learning tools

Due to geographical limitations, schools in the mountains have less access to facilities and resources compared to urban areas. Every year, DENER Children Foundation prepares diverse learning tools, such as stationery, art supplies, and sports equipment, to assist these schools in the mountains to have enough resources to provide their children fair education. This not only encourages children to participate in diverse educational programs but also serves as a way for us to support their school expenses.

Seed Teacher

In the remote districts, there are no cram schools, skill classes, or tutoring classes. During the winter and summer vacations, children in these remote districts rarely have the opportunity to even leave the mountains, let alone travel domestically or abroad to see a wider world. Every year, we cultivate passionate young volunteers who are enthusiastic about education. After receiving comprehensive training, these volunteers provide short-term reading and teaching services at rural schools both domestically and internationally during the winter and summer time.

Long-term Diversified Classes

In addition to the inconvenience caused by geographical limitations, the schools in remote districts often do not have enough teachers, who are willing to stay long enough to provide continuous support and attention to children as a guide and role model.  DENER aims to inspire children’s reading habits and cultivate their self-learning ability. To achieve this goal, we send well trained and experienced teachers regularly and consistently to those schools in the remote districts to provide diverse reading and teaching services.

Our achievements

Over more than a decade, DENER has been providing educational assistance, and we have supported over 200 remote mountain schools. These children are located in various regions, including Taiwan, Nepal, Bhutan, India, as well as Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Zhejiang the provinces in China. Every year, we provide educational assistance to more than ten thousand students.

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With your support, DENER’s act of educational assistance can continue to bring benefit

Every kindness of yours supports DENER will be able to continue promoting our educational assistance programs in remote districts, allowing children in the mountains to be accompanied by love and care while they grow. We invite you to join us in cultivating education deeply in these remote districts, working together to show children a wider future!

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