Diversified class-Hou Liao Elementary School, Changhua County

This fall, we formally launched the ‘’Diversified Classes’’ program. Through monthly teaching, we would help children gradually broaden their diversified knowledge. This is the first time DENER served at Hou Liao Elementary School. We met with grade one children for the first time. The children discussed with each other curiously. They had lots of questions they want to ask and the teacher responded enthusiastically.

助學 偏鄉志工
助學 德內ㄦ

For this session, the picture book brought by teacher WEI-CHEN is ” The Smartest Giant in Town” This is a story about sharing and helping others. I hope that through reading, children would realize that they shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance, which is only the first impression. The most important value is to be helpful and kind. In the classroom, the children were all attentively.  Even when the video was playing the picture book, they would read along with their fingers and following the story earnestly.


In the last part of the class, teacher WEI-CHEN asked the children to draw the person they want to thank the most on a white paper. There was a little girl who was quiet in the class. She picked up a paintbrush and started to draw with great spirits. “I want to thank my sister the most, because when I need help, she always come to help me.” Her comment reveals precious sisterhood. From the meticulous craftsmanship of the girl, we can also clearly see how beautiful a scene when one helps others.