The most memorable volunteer service - Ganzi, Sichuan

Yiting’s first volunteer service was in Sichuan. She had just experienced a car accident few days before the trip. When she came to Ganzi County, which was nearly 3,400 meters above sea level, given the weather and high pressure, she would have to take the painkiller to make herself comfortable.


In the first teaching, volunteer Yiting looked a little timid when facing the children.  Fortunately, she had the assistance of her partners; whether it was during teaching or during daily life with limited mobility, partners had given her great care and concern. The innocence on the faces of the children, not only enabled her to tide over the difficulties with energy, but also became the nourishment for future progress.

志工服務 德內ㄦ

Gradually, she also learned how to design the teaching process for an entire class by herself and kept practicing. Three years had passed now. In addition to being able to teach freely on stage, she had also begun to assist other inexperienced seed teachers in writing teaching plans. The process of transforming from an “explorer” to a “teacher” was the most precious change for the volunteer.

“I saw the children’s innocent and cute smiles during the service. I thanked myself for not giving up because of injury.” Said Yiting.