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Make a good connection with children in Da Nan Elementary School

Da Nan Elementary School’s unique Culture Da Nan Elementary School is the fifth aboriginal experimental elementary school in Taitung County, also known as Taromak Tribal Experimental Elementary School. The aboriginal experimental elementary school mainly incorporates the “Aboriginal Learning Principles” into curriculum in order to maintain the aboriginal education in the hope to preserve the precious culture. Make a good fate with children in Da Nan Elementary School Last November, we had the honor to communicate with Da Nan Elementary School and made an introduction to the school’s special curriculum culture. After knowing that the school needs resources, we


Love materials paint every moment

Love materials paint every moment Recently, the school has also shared with us many wonderful paintings of the children. Painting may seem like an ordinary thing, but for these children, it is an opportunity to express and create. Through painting, in addition to stimulating children’s creativity, we hope they can enjoy the precious moment. Little Picasso The following are paintings from remote schools on the East coast of Taiwan. We invite you to appreciate the innocence and warmth of colors. New year was coming and the children’s heartfelt paintings brought happiness. We hope the seeds of goodness in


Walk in to the gate of school

Nepal school situation Since the outbreak of epidemic in March 2020, the Shree Mangal Dvip School (SMD), which DENER has assisted for a long time in Nepal, has been closed, and many children were waiting at home for the opportunity to learn. After a long wait of more than a year, finally at the end of November this year, 42 new children joined the school’s new boarding program. When new students come to school, they first undergo a week of isolation and complete a physical health check. The school arranged for the principal to meet with the parents


Stationery Program – Continue to move forward with original intent

Stationery program ongoing In 2021, the world is still surrounded in the epidemic, the borders of various countries are still blocked, and Taiwan has once again faced the crises. Despite the difficulties, we would like to thank all friends for their assistance in making the stationary project run smoothly. Children’s need It has been eleventh year since we started the program with first pen. Over the years, we have added a lot of stationaries based on the feedback from remote schools and through the different needs of the students. In particular, in the areas that would most inspire

Stationery Donation Organize – Thanks volunteers for their love

Stationery donation, managing and labeling day October 30th was DENER’s Stationery donation day, volunteers had a great teamwork, carefully unpacked stationery such as crayons and color pens, and stick the stickers of DENER. After the labeling completed, the stationery would be packed in order to deliver for the remote schools. Welcome new volunteers Two new volunteers had joined this time, and in the service full of laughter, it was also meaningful. Thanks to the volunteers for their love. Whenever we get together, we always feel full of warmth.

Stationery Project in China

Stationery Project The stationery Project has entered eleventh year, and as always, it has been launched in various places: China area is responsible for China region schools; Taiwan area is responsible for Taiwan and overseas. The epidemic is still severe all over the world, and India’s borders with neighboring countries are still blocked and the delivery of overseas materials is still forced to be suspended.  So, this year in Taiwan, we put all our attention into the remote mountain schools in Taiwan. In China, we continue to serve elementary schools and Buddhist academies in mountainous areas.   Stationery