After preparation, we finally set on our way in August and arrived at Yushu Juela School in Qinghai.  We had a briefing session with the teachers on the” More Reading, More Happiness” committee on the planning of this project, and to build a consensus on the purpose of this event.

助學 德內ㄦ

In order to enable the teachers to better understand the management methods of reading rooms and the leading skills of reading groups, we also arranged several trainings to give teachers the opportunity to ask their questions.  Before the event, the volunteers had their own worries: whether the activity was suitable for the children, the fear that here was language barrier issue, children’s acceptance … and so on.  During the briefing session, we heard that there was lack of teachers and space at the school. This also caused us to have some doubt about the challenges we would face in the implementation of the reading room system.

However, the reading session went smoothly the next day. During the reading session we selected ten children in third and fourth grade to demonstrate with our teacher. The ice-breaking game was the first step to open each other’s heart.  Teachers and volunteers took the children to play, “Squirrels and Trees”, “Radish Squatting”.  To see the children shy and unfamiliar in the beginning, and slowly become talkative and smile later, this helped us to find the original purpose of all actions.

偏鄉志工 助學

The teachers prepared two different books for children, ” Idiom Stories” and ” Grimm’s Fairy Tales.” as reading materials for this reading groups.  The children were ecstatic as soon as they received the books.  They carefully protected the books in their hands, afraid that they would accidentally damage the beloved books.

The teacher first asked the children to take turns reading “Half Away.”  When they read the story, they were very attentive.  Even when they encounter difficult words, they try very hard to pronounce.  When it was near the end, they were eager to read another story.  Many of the everyday things that we take for granted were not easy for them.  When we think about the innocent smiles of the children at that time, brings great courage to us and made us more determined with our goal.

助學 兒童

After the reading session, we had discussion with the school teachers.  Suggestions and opinions were put forward for this activity.  At the same time, ways in which the school teachers could lead student reading sessions were discussed.  When we see the local teachers nodded in approval for this reading method, and were willing to cooperate, we felt so much relieved.

The continuous development of this project was one of our greatest concern. We hoped that by holding a monthly reading session in the future, the local teacher would be able to discuss with us the learning situation and problems arise during the children’s reading sessions. Then we would be able to adjust.  Our hope was that by the end, children would enjoy reading and have a reading room that belongs to them.

志工服務 助學

On our way return, we were sitting in a bumpy car, thinking about how wonderful these days are.  Love is like a chain that tightly connects everyone, affecting the people and things around them.  Just like DENER, because of the efforts of a few people, we have been able to help this group of children in remote mountain areas and conducted this meaningful project.  We hope more people will join us so that more children can benefit in the future.