Given their remoteness, children in the remote area not only lack material supplies, they are also in need of a role that can lead them to learn stably.

Our professional and caring teachers go up to these schools regularly.  They accompany the children through diversified tutoring services and gradually improve their reading and self-learning skills.


“More Reading and More Happiness” Student Aid Project (4) Volunteer Sharing 2

That day we finally set off for school. I heard from other volunteers that the road to school two years ago were very bad, they spent six hours to get there.  But now it only takes four hours from Yushu town because they built a mountain road.  It is really convenient and safe. The mountain road was built near the river. On our way there, the rusty red slush-like water, sometimes hurriedly passed, sometimes wide and slowly flowing; groups of yaks bathed in the river, and some grazed on the grass full of flowers, some climbed on the higher mountains and

助學 志工

“More Reading and More Happiness” Student Aid Project (4) Volunteer Sharing 1

Before going to Yushu, we prepared in advance for this project. We contemplated about it a lot, but I didn’t think that after this trip it would leave me a deep memory.  After many years, I think I will still remember the campus under the blue sky. Earlier this year, we discussed together the book list for the school library and I decided to participate in this student aid activity at that time.  As a mother, I often see my children in contact with the books, and they often borrow books from the school library. But this boarding school does not

志工服務 助學

“More Reading and More Happiness” Student Aid Program (3) Continue with the Original Intention

After preparation, we finally set on our way in August and arrived at Yushu Juela School in Qinghai.  We had a briefing session with the teachers on the” More Reading, More Happiness” committee on the planning of this project, and to build a consensus on the purpose of this event. In order to enable the teachers to better understand the management methods of reading rooms and the leading skills of reading groups, we also arranged several trainings to give teachers the opportunity to ask their questions.  Before the event, the volunteers had their own worries: whether the activity was suitable for

“More Reading and More Happiness” Student Aid Project (2) Opens the window to the world

“A room without books is like a room without windows.”  A room without windows, there is insufficient light and the air is poor; People that do not read, is like closing the window to their souls, living in the dark room without windows.  For the children in the Juela School, located in the remote mountainous area of Yushu Qinghai, books are like the bridge to connect with the outside world.  However, even the basic facility and education are very difficult in this environment, so reading extracurricular books is a luxury dream for them. DENER Children Foundation’ project “More Reading, More Happiness”

“More Reading and More Happiness” Student Aid Project (1) Children’s Juela Primary School

Although it is early August sun is shining, we can still feel the coldness in the air. We are now at more than four thousand three hundred meters above sea level altitude. After, more than four hours of bumpy ride, we finally arrived at the elementary school for our reading project – Chueh-La Elementary School, located in Qinghai Province. In 2015, DENER Children Foundation came here to share stationery for the first time. We saw the humble school buildings, the extremely hard environment. Under the bright sun, there were no place to hide, and even more difficult was to see a