Before going to Yushu, we prepared in advance for this project. We contemplated about it a lot, but I didn’t think that after this trip it would leave me a deep memory.  After many years, I think I will still remember the campus under the blue sky.

Earlier this year, we discussed together the book list for the school library and I decided to participate in this student aid activity at that time.  As a mother, I often see my children in contact with the books, and they often borrow books from the school library. But this boarding school does not have their own library was very difficult for me to image. We selected the books considering children’s reading habits and preferences. As a result of several discussions, we knew we have covered step by step from library rules and regulations, library management, to borrowing, as well as the relevant activities related to reading. And the reality proved that these considerations were right. 

For months, we had continued to discuss and prepare, from book listing to management processes to activities.  Although each of us felt that we had taken a lot of thought into consideration, when we simulated before departure, we suddenly came up with various problems:

What is the Chinese level for the children? Can we communicate smoothly?

Would kids be interested in the event? Will it be a dull moment?

Would teachers like ” More Reading, More Happiness” program? Will they cooperate with us to complete the event?

It made me feel nervous, also a little pressure and anxious about the upcoming event.

In the beginning of August, we gathered and embarked on the road to Yushu.  After getting off the plane, we saw the beautiful blue sky and white clouds, and suddenly felt very heart-warming.  “Come on! As long as we do it carefully and explore it slowly, we will always lead the children into the door of the book.  If this time can’t work, we can adjust the plan and come back again!” I told myself.

The road to school is not easy, but the scenery along the way is beautiful, Lancang River, Yongjiang River, Yellow River, in the beautiful birthplace of the Three Rivers, we came to the beautiful campus.  Principal, teacher, chef and volunteer teachers were all very passionate. The children have shy smiles, watching their bright eyes, made us felt very friendly. It was especially beautiful to listen to the children reading aloud.

The briefing on “More Reading, More Happiness” started, and the teachers were very active.  They took the initiative to come up with idea and explore good reading activities for the children. The interactions with the children, I felt very honored and happy. I was glad to play with them and read the story together.  As the children took the book, they couldn’t wait to open and read it.  We originally scheduled to read 2-3 stories, but at the end read 7-8 stories.

This event went very smoothly, the children were shy from the beginning, and rushed to answer at the end, this change gave me a great encouragement.  Everyone played very well when playing games, and they showed curiosity and desire for knowledge when reading.  When we had questions with prizes, the children’s eyes would shine and kept calling the teacher. 

Until now I still clearly remember, the children took my hand, looked at me and asked, “Teacher, let’s read one more story.”  When we continued reading after a break, a girl next to me, pulled me and asked me to sit next to her, “Teacher, this is not your seat, you have to sit next to me.”  And their sad eyes when we have to say goodbye after our activity.  Even after a long time, whenever I think of it, my heart is still full of emotions.

~Volunteer teacher Shu-Yi