Given their remoteness, children in the remote area not only lack material supplies, they are also in need of a role that can lead them to learn stably.

Our professional and caring teachers go up to these schools regularly.  They accompany the children through diversified tutoring services and gradually improve their reading and self-learning skills.


Diversified class – Take the picture book to the street

Go to the Street to Buy the Grocery Together Towards the end of the semester, teacher Jing Rong led the class “Go to the Street to Buy the Grocery Together.” This book teaches the children when face emergencies on the street, how to protect themselves. The teacher also designed extension activities to ask children to imagine themselves on the street and learn how to deal with them. With this topic, the children responded enthusiastically and the feedback always exceeded the teacher’s expectation. Magical shopping cart for kids At the last part of the lesson, teacher Jing Rong asked the children to


Diversified Class-Cherish the reading time with children

Let the little monkey Betty tell the story Time flies, it is coming to the end of the semester, the children of Shuiwei Elementary School has become accustomed to our reading time. This time, the picture book brought by teacher Liu Peng is ‘’Betty Wants to Eat Bananas’’. This is a book that teaches emotional management. Teacher brought a hand puppets into the teaching. With the teaching aid, children were more involved in the picture books, everyone quietly listened to the little monkey Betty telling stories. Making an emotional map After reading the picture book, there was the extension activity. Teacher

Diversified class – Christmas with Children

Teaching guidance before class As we approached the end of the semester, we came to Hu Zhu Elementary School in Nantou County. Teacher Xu Hui first asked about the content of the previous course, and children raised their hands to answer. It turned out that they have absorbed more than we thought. We hope the kindness conveyed by the picture books could be buried deep in the hearts of children, maybe this is the most important meaning of reading. Divide the class to enhance children concentration This time, we made little changes to the class and divided the children into two

Diversified classes – Meet Shui Wei Elementary School

Meet children at Shui Wei Elementary School Nantou Shuiwei Elementary School is the one of schools in our Diversified Classes services. It is a school with its own characteristics. The school maintains a Japanese-style building with an ecological pool and the campus is surrounded by trees. This was our first lesson this semester. Teacher Liu Peng led the picture book “Fifi is angry – very, very angry.” Through facial expressions, she allowed the children to understand different emotions and how to perceive and express their emotions. There are many ways to express emotions With the basic understanding of emotions, teacher Liu


Diversified Class-Atrium classroom of Huzhu Elementary School

Starting point for diversified course After a long summer vacation, we returned to Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County to teach diversified class. There were 31 students in the lower grades, and the atrium classroom of Huzhu Elementary School was full of children. Although we haven’t seen each other for many months, the enthusiasm from the children has not diminished at all! Learn the art of speaking This semester the diversified class was led by new teacher Xu Hui. First the teacher designed a warm-up activity, inviting the children to draw animals representing themselves on the small card.  Children drew butterflies,


Diversified class-Hou Liao Elementary School, Changhua County

Diversified class-Hou Liao Elementary School, Changhua County This fall, we formally launched the ‘’Diversified Classes’’ program. Through monthly teaching, we would help children gradually broaden their diversified knowledge. This is the first time DENER served at Hou Liao Elementary School. We met with grade one children for the first time. The children discussed with each other curiously. They had lots of questions they want to ask and the teacher responded enthusiastically. For this session, the picture book brought by teacher WEI-CHEN is ” The Smartest Giant in Town” This is a story about sharing and helping others. I hope that through