When you forget about smile, let’s go to the remote area

What do you know about “remote education”? Far in the mountains? Several students in the class?

Teacher Wang Zhengzhong said… “As long as there is one child being neglected in education, it is a remote education.”

On the morning of August 29th, we came to “Renhe Elementary School” in Xinyi Township, Nantou County. We were greeted by fresh air and the singing of insects and birds.

When the children arrived in the classroom, they walked into the classroom one by one. Their faces are extremely familiar to me because I find that I have the same dark complexion as they are.

At first, the children were a little shy. We divided them into groups and started “Picture Book Reading”. I also found a seat to sit down and read aloud together.

When the seed teacher raised questions, I participated with the children, answered carefully and made noise with them.

When we play games, I ran with the children and played tricks with them. At that moment I felt that I found myself, the purest little girl inside me. The children in the remote villages were actually very simple.  What they need is “accompany.” The most precious and expensive gift in the world is to give your time.

After class, a kid asked me, “Teacher, can you carry me on your back?” I took him on my back, and he chatted with me…

All his family were very busy, and nobody cared about him when he was sick. Finally, I asked his name, but he said to me: “Teacher, can you call me child?” I sighed in my heart, wondering how long this child has longed for someone to cherish and love you.

When children are willing to stick to you, start imitate your reading, start imitate you speaking, start imitate learning from you, you had planted seeds in their hearts.

Every educator is waiting, waiting for their seeds to germinate.  We could only irrigate patiently.

It’s actually very simple to blend in with the children. Stand at the same height with him, see from his vision, listen with his ears, and feel with his heart. It is then not difficult to find that their happiness is actually so simple.

Volunteer teacher DUDU