During the cold wave hit, we came to Huzhu Elementary School in Renai Township, Nantou County again. In the reading class at the end of the semester, the body felt cold, but the heart was warm. In the classroom, it was not just what we brought to the children. As a volunteer, we were also learning how to keep our innocence.

“Teacher, my name is…” “He is… the one in the front is… and the one in the back is”

After a short self-introduction, the children shard their thoughts passionately. All you need to do is listen, and the kid would talk about what he saw and hear without reservation. The happiness of children was so simple on the outside yet so rich in the inside. So, what kind of picture books did we prepare this time to study with the children? “A Day of the Crocodile” was a picture book with all images and no words. Therefore, Teacher Du Du arranged many questions and asked the children to watch pictures and tell stories together. In the context of the story, we find that nothing was absolute. Therefore, we should learn to treat each other with respect and kindness.

Finally, the teacher invited everyone to rename the story, children have used their creativity to give new meaning to the picture book. More importantly, through the guidance of the teachers, we, together with the kids, reflected on the day: #What could we do for others #Who I most wanted to thank to

Through the process of expressing, we see our own self-worth and learn to appreciate.  Practice to live a day mindfully, create different feelings, and experience the warmth in the heart!

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