Love have no distance-tablet project report

Love have no distance-tablet project report

Due to the online learning policy, DENER launched a tablet collection campaign last month. These past few days, we re-arranged 16 tablets and laptops that we collected and 35 new tablets friends bought. The tablets and laptops were all delivered to the remote school of Nantou County.


The tablet collection campaign received an enthusiastic response in the past three weeks. In addition to laptops and tablets, a desktop was also donated. A supporter sent 7 tablets, each with a small handwritten note on the back. “Give yourself an opportunity to change your life through learning.’’ Very short sentence yet it was very touching. As we have always believed, education is the best way to change the future of children in remote areas.


send the full resources with blessings to the in need of school

Our first stop was at Huzhu Elementary School. When we entered the principal’s office, there was a child sitting on the couch. His curious eyes rested on the table when he saw us put down boxes of supplies. A donor has donated a desktop computer, hence after discussing with the school, we decided to give it to a child in need. It turned out that he was the recipient of the desktop donation.

The volunteer invited the boy to the table and explained how to connect the power and introduce the function to him. The little boy folded his hands in front of him and leaned forward to watch from time to time.  His shy expression unconsciously revealed. We know that this means a great significance to him. “Thank you so much!” The boy wanted to say to the donor. 

The director of academic affairs explained that this thirteen-years old boy has always been a child who is very active in learning. Even during online teaching at home, when he has a question, he would come to school to get his answers clarified. The boy’s mother was also very pleased. For more than a month, he could only use the computer to study with his four younger sisters and brothers. If he was lucky, he could use a smart phone to take the online class by himself.  But even so, it couldn’t stop his curiosity about the world.

遠距 偏鄉教育

It is difficult for us to imagine how much impact this computer would bring to his family; however, the computer would definitely give the child more hope for the future.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the government announced that schools had to change to online teaching. Not only the school didn’t know how to prepare, but the children also didn’t know what to do. It took a long time for both to adapt to the new teaching method, and the lack of equipment became the biggest problem in online teaching. “The most feared thing about learning is being disturbed” the principal said. Because the sudden epidemic, after receiving the tablet, Huzhu Elementary School has planned to conduct online teaching exercises for teachers and students in the next semester, so that all students are fully prepared.

We continued to follow the winding mountain road to go to the next school. Arriving at Chunyang Elementary School, there were exceptionally fresh air on the mountain at an altitude of 1,200 meters.

“Our school was so far! And you guys were willing to go up the mountain like this?” The director was full of surprise, and to her, it all seemed to be incredible. The director said that almost all children in Chunyang Elementary School lack the equipment. When parents get home from off work, they can then use mobile phones to access the Internet.  But their class time were not stable. And because the phone was shared with family members, it was often interrupted by phone calls.


We also went to Tan Nan Elementary School in Xinyi Township. Due to sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the school had no time to prepare and the children had no devices at home to use. During the online teaching, children could only use mobile phones to follow the classes. Not only the learning effectiveness was limited, but staring at the small screen for a long time also makes their eyes very tired. This truly reflect the problems of insufficient equipment in the remote schools. Therefore, after receiving the tablet and laptop, Tan Nan Elementary School also plans to start an online teaching exercise for teachers and students.

Today, these devices filled with love had been delivered to remote elementary schools in Nantou County. Thanks to the support of the donors. In such an extraordinary period, we can all bring some vigorous vitality to remote education. We hope that life would gradually get back on the right track, and schools would open smoothly. If there were any unexpected situation in the future, we could also take the precaution and have enough devices to make full preparations.

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