Book Donations – Resources for the Rural Schools

DENER has been implementing the stationery program for more than ten years. Recently, we learned that many schools have planned morning reading and reading courses.

However, some schools lack the resources due to aging of the books and the inability to apply for funds to renew them. Some schools want to expand the library, but due to the lack of budget, they have not been able to do so.


DENER selected series of books for children

We have collected recommendations from teachers and selected several sets of books suitable for children to read. These sets of books are variety in styles and rich in context. “School with dessert”, is a set of books famous for its funny illustration and funny stories. The author turns each “dessert” into campus characters. When reading this book, children could explore campus life with the characters.

“Butt Detective” is one of the favorite books of children nowadays. The story is interesting and intriguing, and the nonsensical plot can greatly inspire children’s imagination, allowing children to read word by word with curiosity.

“Fairy Tale Marathon” is a set of books composed by eight fairy tale writers and contains sixty-four amazing stories. There were total of eight coherent themes in the full set, which are the life issues that children would encounter when they grow up. The children could also follow the characters in the book to experience sorrows, joys and learn to cope.

There is also a full set of nine episodes of “Duckby Detective”, which cleverly used case to package science knowledge, that would enrich new knowledge while children immersed in the world of comics. 


Let the full of heart come by the wind

The books purchased two weeks ago were delivered to DENER, and we packed and packaged these sets of books. Volunteers from DENER delivered books to Chun Yang Elementary School, Shui Wei Elementary School and Wan Feng Elementary School in Nantou County. We will also send the rest of the books to the following schools.

Xin Guang Elementary School, Hsinchu County


Jia Yi Elementary School, Pingtung County


Bei Ye Elementary School, Pingtung County


Xin Cheng Elementary School, Taichung City


Tong Fu Elementary School, Nantou County


Fa Xiang Elementary School, Nantou County


Xin Xiang Elementary School, Nantou County


Feng Li Elementary School, Hualien County


Li Yu Elementary School, Miaoli County

There are twelve schools in total.

We are very grateful to many kind donors for their support along the way.  With these resources, the children can now wander in the endless sea of ​​books.