On May 19, the government announced that the covid-19 alert was raised to Level 3. We contacted the Houliao Elementary School in Changhua County to convey our concern. The director of academic affairs said that in order to comply with the government’s epidemic prevention policy, Houliao Elementary School had also converted the original courses to online courses. Before announcing the suspension of classes, the teachers also performed a drill for online teaching.

However, despite the advance in preparations, there were still quite a few emergencies in the first week of online teaching. Insufficient online teaching equipment in the schools, unstable internet connections, children unfamiliar with online operations at home…etc.  The unprecedented online teaching had brought many problems. The school told us that some children didn’t have a computer at home, and they need to come to school to borrow a computer or tablet during online teaching in order to follow the teaching progress of the class. In addition, some students had to go back to school because they were unattended during the day.


Therefore, during this period, Houliao Elementary School still had about 10 students that come to school. At this time, the school teachers had to do multiple jobs. While they busy teaching online children and managing order, they also had to take care of the students who came to the school. They were very busy.

After learning about the situation of the school, we hurriedly to help the school purchase some equipment needed for online teaching. We hope this new teaching method would run better and the children could learn smoothly in this special period.