A Special Teaching Experience

As soon as I knew about the seed teacher information, I immediately decided that I want to try. Since I was a child, my aspiration is to be a teacher. Thanks to DENER for giving us the opportunity to write the teaching plan by myself.  This year, it was a little pity that given the epidemic situation, all our training classes were held online and there was no feeling of on-site teaching. But nonetheless, we benefit a lot from it.


Selecting the right picture book was the most difficult during the teaching plan writing. In the beginning, it was too short to read with the child, only for less than ten minutes. At that time, I was quite shocked and wondered if I had chosen the wrong picture book. When I have free time, I took out my picture book and flipped it through to see if I have more inspiration. Fortunately, it was eventually extended to 25 minutes.


I always wanted to bring more content to children. In the process of writing the teaching plan, I wanted to add many extended activities to them. But when I think about it, they were just kids, and it would be great if they could absorb half of the content I taught. The point was to make them happy in the process and be interested in reading. It is also very important to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Different teaching plans were designed for children of different ages, and how to arouse their interest. The preparation before teaching has been reviewed several times in my mind silently, I hope that every child would learn something from my teaching and that would be enough for me!


July 18th is the first field teaching in Nantou Huzhu Elementary School. It was more than an hour’s drive on the day, and I was not sleepy. I came to Huzhu Elementary School with my expectation and nervousness. The children were very lively, and interesting thing happened too. In fact, teaching is still a bit nervous at the moment. After all, I don’t know how the children would react to the lesson plan that I designed. The director said that in the beginning of the course, you must control the class and not be taken away by children. I also think that the beginning of the course is the key in determining the success or failure of this teaching. It is necessary to attract the attention of the children and let them know the rule in the class. There were some agreements with them before class so we wouldn’t spend so much time controlling them during the class.



Thanks to my partner Ming, because she is more experienced in teaching and often reminded me how to do. After this teaching, I felt that there were still things that could be improved, and I also learned a lot from it. Teaching for the first time, given the task for the first time, as well as knowing that I can be a teacher for children for the first time. If teaching could plant seeds that inspire reading in their hearts, then this seed will surely blossom in the future.


I also want to thank this group of children. They had also brought us a different experience. They have also taught us to treat children with different personalities differently in attitude and tone. After this teaching, I always feel that I can fine-tune my teaching plan. The more active, the more children love it. The time that children can concentrate attentively is very short. Next time, if I choose the picture books, I would want to make some small activities in between, allowing the children to read the book at the same time having fun. In this part, I will think carefully about how to make the children “actively” interested in the process of reading picture books.


In short, the teaching experience this time was very special, and it also allowed me to understand the importance of “education”.  A teacher’s behavior and words can deeply imprint in the heart of the child and affect the child’s life.


The seed teacher HUI AN