On the afternoon of April 12th, we held the 2020 Seed Teacher Recruitment Meeting. In line with the government’s efforts to prevent the epidemic, we have also changed the meeting to an online video conference.

Nearly 20 people went online to participate in the meeting. Volunteers were all looking through a screen at new faces that were not familiar. Although the screen has temporarily separated us, it was still very exciting because we all meet to participate in the same goal. For this first online meeting, DENER’s volunteers made full preparations in advance. We hope that even though we could not see each other face-to-face, everyone could feel the team’s intentions.

At the beginning of the meeting, the director Angela introduced the origin of DENER and the student assistance program; allowing everyone to know that we had always insisted on love, peace and respect. In a world of endless love, every child deserves to be cherished. And we also believe that education was the root to change. As long as a child has the opportunity to receive education, then he might change the destiny of himself, his family and other people.

By sharing documentary videos over the years, participants can better understand the lack of resources in remote areas. Without rooting in education, they cannot be given the opportunity to change. Therefore, the seed teacher project came into being. It was our hope that by cultivating people who are passionate about education and children, these seed teachers could receive complete systematic teaching knowledge and training. The training courses included: course design, teaching skills, reading guidance, reading activity… etc. After receiving certain planning and training, seed teachers could first conduct summer teaching camps in Taiwan, and then they could also have the opportunity to provide short-term or long-term teaching services.

We really appreciate the enthusiasm of the senior teachers for participating. And we have a golden line-up of teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experience. This was the content of this year’s brilliant training courses. In line with the government’s anti-epidemic policy, courses might be adjusted to online teaching methods depending on the situation.

After introducing the project content of the seed teacher, two volunteers and the seed teacher shared their stories. The first one was Wei Chen from National Taiwan University of Sport. As a volunteer in DENER, she always help us with all kinds of activities. Sometimes help with administrative documents; sometimes help with organization of equipments.

Listening to Wei Chen sharing her progress during these days, it was very moved. We were very happy that she could find her self-confidence and value while serving. Giving could always return to us in a more profound way.

The second was Yi Ting, the first seed teacher from Chi Nan University. She shared her experience when she went to Ganzi, Sichuan and Yujing, Tainan for teaching with DENER volunteer teams. There were hardship and difficulties. But at the end, all the intentions turned into happy smiles. In this process, we not only see the joy of growth, but also gain more companions. We expect to providing reading teaching services in remote areas in China, and even abroad where education was scarce and to help children to learn. At the same time, through teaching services, the seed teacher will discover the value of oneself and become a better person.

In fact, we are all very worried about the temporary changes in the form of the meeting. We were really grateful to all the students who attended the meeting and appear in the meeting room online and on-time. Everyone’s enthusiasm was an important key to the briefing. Finally, we vigorously invite everyone to join the DENER Volunteer Team. Here, we can grow with everybody and become a seed of hope.