2020 Bodhgaya India – visit to the orphanage

A few days ago, the volunteers of DENER came to an orphanage near Bodh Gaya, India, guided by Master Ruxin. There are about 30 children here, it has increased a lot since last year. This time we brought Frisbee, puzzles and candies to these kids. Because puzzles could train children’s concentration, logical thinking and observation, it was a good multi-skills game. The volunteers also had a great time playing with the children.

The person in charge, Master Ruxin, has been committed to education.  She is very concerned and have always been dedicated to children’s learning. The main children in need were the beggars and abandoned kids. Among them, three or four children had their parents gone when they were very young, and the youngest was only two years old, who was abandoned in rural areas.

Because of Master Ruxin’s compassion, she has decided to adopt them. No matter how difficult the process was, she still tried her best to provide these children with a good environment and learning resources. The children who used to beg for their livelihoods and abandoned children knew that it was hard to come by, so they were very happy, and cherished it very much. They were grateful for the opportunity to live here.

At about four in the afternoon, the children from the kindergarten gathered in front of the square and started to do after-school studies. Volunteers handed out some candies and followed the children to study seriously.

Although it was a short time spent with each other in the afternoon, everyone felt the warmth in the heart.  Under the sunlight, we also feel warm and blessed. The volunteers sincerely hope that next year, they would have the opportunity to come here again, send more stationery and bring some books to the children, and continue to spread love.