2016 Stationery Project Report

In March of this year, our stationery project has started as usual, this time marks the sixth year of the stationary project. This year the number of schools and the number of students has increased. There were three new schools in Africa, two schools in India, three schools in Bhutan with nearly 2,000 students. With the stationery project, it was our hope that we could send the stationery to every school before September, so children would have new stationery at the beginning of the semester.

This year, DENER ordered and distributed the following stationery: 10,000 mechanical pencils, pencil lead erasers, and 5,610 exercise books.

In addition, there were ten well-known Taiwanese comic books by Mr. Cai Zhi Zhong (two volumes) to the school. The books contained a lot of Confucian ideas, moral concepts, educational principles and positive inspiration for children.

This year we would like to especially thank our pencil case manufacturers for their cooperation. They have not only given us the best price but also helped us to subcontract and ship them. The supplies were very complete and neatly placed in each box and bubble wrap was placed to protect them. Because schools in China were located in very remote mountains, we needed to use China Post for transportation. The manufacturer also has to abid to the China Postal office’s packing rules when using the service. We would like to thank the manufacturers for their assistance!

In July, when we know that College Volunteer Association in China was fundraising for college students to remote schools to teach for the summer, we decided to support their airline tickets and travel expenses. Last year when we went to Qinghai Yushu Boarding School, we had met a few college students from Beijin. They came out of their own pocket to come to these remote schools. Knowing that they’ve tried their best and their volunteering was invaluable, DENER wanted to help these college students to fulfill their wishes.  We also hope that we could cooperate with them in the future.

Our stationary supplies were sent in early August and by the end of August the school have informed us that they have received them all. We were very happy that the stationery arrived for the children before the school started!