On Saturday, July 22 morning, the sun was extremely hot. Volunteers came to a company’s factory in Wanhua District; facing the high temperature, not afraid of the hardships of the environment and physical strength. everyone just wanted to try their best to serve the children who were live in remote place. The mission for our volunteers this time was past the DENER stickers on nearly one thousand children’s English books and exercise books and pack them into boxes, ready for mailing.

These English books and exercise books were donated by the friends of Graphic Technology Company to DENER.

A few days ago, I was introduced by my friends and known that they a group of English books for children who wanted to donate, but they could not find the school that needed them. When we got this news, we were very ecstatic because the content and difficulty of the book were just right for elementary school children to use it for enlightenment, and it coincided with the purpose of creation. These English an exercise books were not only for children to learn they also have beautiful illustrations inside, that was a treasure for us. After discussing with the school, DENER decided to ship the books and exercise books to schools far away in Bhutan and Nepal.

After choosing a date, we started recruiting volunteers. Friends and family members invited like-minded friends to help organize the books together, and past the DENER stickers and packed them together. Such an English book seemed usual to us, and bookstores abound in Taiwan, but it was a luxury for children in Bhutan and Nepal. Each volunteer lowered their heads and patiently posted each book. Everyone seemed to be able to see the corners of their mouths rising slightly when they received the supplies.

An unexpected gain of the volunteers on that day was how to use a Sealing machine. Generally the machine just could saw at the airport, so our few volunteers were concentrating and trying hard.

We were beginning at a discussion probation period, including where the sticker should be pasted on the book, how many books should be put in each box, how much weight should each box, how should the box be sealed most securely. until everyone’s practice makes perfect. In the process, each person contributed his or her own heart, with the simplest care for the children, and achieved the same goal together. The cohesiveness and moving of each partner at that time can still be felt.

At the end of the event, we looked at these boxes filled with love and blessings, and thinking that each book could had a little owner who loves it, and share their four season with books world in the future.