Seed Teacher Training 1

The training courses for seed teachers began this weekend. Students from six different colleges and high school participated. In the first course, teacher Chen Rong Yuan first guided the students on how to arouse children’s interest in picture books. Students had a preliminary understanding of the skills of how to lead reading, learn to ask questions, read aloud and other methods to interact with children through picture books.

Next, teacher Shi Yuzhen led the picture book extension activity, telling everyone that reading is not only about appreciating the beautiful words, but also around bringing the children back to the core of the picture book.


On the second day, in the morning, teachers Huang Feng Chang and Pan Jinlan shared the main points of the activity planning.  They used the new book launch as an example. They also analyzed the unexpected situations encountered during execution and trained the students to respond to any occasions.

In the afternoon, teacher Du Shuqin, a senior rural education teacher, and DENER director Shi Ying brought the course “The Charm from Failure.” In this class, Ms. Du guided the students to discuss and reflect. The seed teachers cooperated with each other in groups, practiced different teaching situations and presented on stage.

Teacher Shi Ying shared an episode of the Nepal service team, conveying that faced with external changes, we should maintain a certain degree of flexibility and believe in the strength of the team.

Finally, Teacher Du gave this sentence to everyone, “Children can accept all your failures, all changes, and all uncertainties; children will embrace your imperfections, and they will be the mentors who guide you to success.”

At the end of the two-day training course, students all returned with satisfaction. Thanks to teachers for sharing their valuable experience selflessly, and we believed it would lay a good foundation for the future teaching plannings for the seed teachers. Knowledge is the key to open the door to the rural area. We also hope that the seed teachers can build a bridge with the rural schools and allow the children to see more possibilities in the future.