The second training course for seed teacher began on May 18 at DENER. Teacher Chen taught in the morning and Teacher Shi in the afternoon. Teacher Chen graduated from the Ph.D. Program of National Chi Nan University. He is now the course supervisor for Taichung City Education Bureau and he is also a seed lecturer for the 12-year Basic Education Courses. While teaching in Jian Ping Primary School, Mr. Chen also served as a trainee principal for the Taichung City Education Bureau. He hopes to cultivate students’ ability to create, think and solve problems.


In the beginning of the lesson, teacher Chen said that the elementary school stage was the best time to develop reading habits, because children at this stage had the least academic pressure. He specially prepared four parts of the novel “The Ink Suckling Is Coming” to show our seed teacher how to lead reading. First, we must determine the “teaching goals”, which was the ability that students could learn by reading this article, such as the composition of the article structure, the natural and meaningful paragraphs; the rhetoric used in the beautiful words and sentences in the article such as metaphor, figuration, contrast, etc. Next, we should set a “teaching strategy”; ways to stimulate students’ learning motivation. And finally, the combination of “knowledge and strategies” would allow teachers to achieve the “teaching goals”.

Teacher Chen explained that when leading reading, it was important to arouse students’ interest and curiosity.  The teacher could let the students read the cover and guess the story first. There were many answers in the process. No matter what answers the students said, the teacher should be careful about speaking tactics, more encouragement and less negative words in order to give students the courage to speak and increase self-confidence. Teachers could also design different topics in advance, from shallow to deep, so that students could infer from the text to find the answer. Then, Mr. Chen also taught the trainees how to refine the key points of the text in a mental map. At the end, the teacher asked the students to make mental maps in groups, using their imagination and integration ability then present them on stage.

Afternoon class was held by Teacher Shi, who graduated from Department of International Business Management at Da-Yeh University. She majored in class management and social sciences. She currently works in Guanglong Elementary School in Taiping District at Taichung.  She hopes to cultivate children’s independent learning, initiative, and virtue. This time, teacher Shi brought a picture book ” Something from Nothing.” The picture book has very few words, big pictures and bright colors. It was the best tool to stimulate students’ reading motivation; not only for lower grades students, but also for middle and high grades kids.


Teacher Shi guided students through reading, page-by-page while questioning the students and invite interaction.  She also asked the students to write study sheets to strengthen their understanding of the story. The main role of the story was a boy whose grandfather used his clever hands to constantly change the boy’s little blanket into many practical items, continuing its life and introduced the concept of environmental protection. In this way, Teacher Shi also introduced a lot of practical yet creative works for us, and taught how to make cute caterpillars and small snails using straws that are available everywhere. The students were surprised.

After a full day of classes, the trainees benefited a lot and were very touched. Trainee Yiting Wu, who is studying at Chi-Nan University said that in addition to teachers’ professional abilities, she was more touched by their dedication and enthusiasm for education. In the future, she also wants to be a good teacher who can influence others and use reading to change school children in remote areas.