DENER has always been enthusiastic about providing education in the remote areas and went to Yushu, Qinghai and Ganzi, Sichuan in 2017 and 2018 to carry out the “More Reading, More Happiness” program. Once we go into that area, we could understand the difficulty living there. Due to its remoteness, the transportation of ordinary material was very difficult, and the local people mostly lived on farming and herding.

In general, very few teachers are willing to give up their excellent life style in the city and come to remote areas. Therefore, in rural schools, there has been a lack of resources as well as teachers. Teachers often need to have multiple roles, both taking regular courses and serving as school administrators taking care of children’s daily lives. To allow children to have richer learning resources, we have brought many extra-curricular books multiple times and shared a variety of reading guiding methods with the local teachers. We hope that children would have more reading resources and gradually fall in love with reading so they would have more possibilities in their future.

We understand that education needs to have deep root and must have a sustainable spirit, therefore we officially launched the “Seed Teacher Project.” We want to cultivate some students in Taiwan so that they can receive a complete and systematic education in basic knowledge of education. After completing the training and preparations, encourage these students to go to schools in Taiwan and remote regions around the world to provide teaching services.

With anticipation and a little nervousness, we started the volunteer teacher recruitment seminar on Sunday, April 28. On the day, nearly 20 volunteer friends participated. In addition to the college students, there were also some people who were passionate about education.

After we introduced the establishment process and goals of DENER, we invited several experienced teachers who were in charge of training the “Seed Teacher Project” course to share their teaching experience with everyone. We appreciated these teachers for their willingness to share valuable experiences with the younger students so they in turn will be able to help the kids in the rural area.

Teacher Huang, who was in charge of the course design, just had a surgery last week.  We gave some flowers to him, as an appreciation for his service.

Next is the explanation of the course planning and the content of the lessons. Watching the volunteers listen intently, we were touched. The course schedule included reading guidance, curriculum planning, outdoor reading, diverse talents, etc. In order to apply what trainees have learned in the course, we also provided field service options; one was to go to a remote school abroad, and the other was to go to a remote school in Taiwan. We hope that through field teaching, we can make our remote services more complete and mature.

The “Seed Teacher Project” is a long-term extension of education in remote area. College students are very kind in Taiwan. If they are fully trained, they can bring our diverse culture and learning methods to children. We believe that education not only help children from remote area, but also our seed teachers. Such reciprocal teaching is the growth and continuation of love. We all look forward to these “seeds”, after careful cultivation and irrigation, they will eventually bloom in time.