The picture book I choose this time was “Why the Sky Is Blue”, I like this story very much. While writing the lesson plan, I encountered a big problem and had to change it again and again. Finally, I decided to extend the story content to those related to life and apply this book using my favorite teaching method.


The first teaching was at Huzhu Elementary School. I found that imitating the sound of the character as well as teacher’s skills and personal charm in leading the picture book were very important.  In fact, I felt a bit helpless after the first teaching, but after talking with my friends, I knew the importance of different teaching methods for different students. So, I also encouraged myself to be more progressive in my next teaching!


Then I went to Tainan Yujing Elementary School to lead the reading magic camp. After the last experience in Huzhu Elementary School, I am not so nervous. In addition, these senior children behave well, and I am quite excited about what interesting things might happen in the class. Before entering into the picture book, I divided the children into two teams: rabbits and donkeys. The children of the donkey team were all devoted to the role of the story, I can’t help but applaud for them. The children of the rabbit team were at a shy age. When I tried my best to imitate the rabbits lively voice, what I saw were their embarrassing faces. When I saw their reaction, I backed up. I was afraid that they would look at me with this kind of eyes, and I would no longer ask them so much. The shy student may also start to feel that even if they didn’t want to read the book, it didn’t matter! As a result, I was feeling little weaker and weaker. Those students who were originally enthusiastic about the story gradually began to show lack of enthusiasm. The picture book ended in a hurry. In retrospect, it was really a pity!


Next was the part, I most look forward to-“What kind of vegetables it is!” I prepared few common and easily confused vegetables cards.  But to my surprise, the children could recognize them.  So, I focused on these vegetables’ nutrition and what dishes we could prepare the vegetables in. Next was game session, because I had a lot of experience with activities, I am relatively comfortable in this session. When I took out the vegetable chart that I made it, I was praised by the children.  And I immediately felt that no matter how hard it was, it was all very worth. During the game, watching the children immersed in the memory of the cards, their distressed eyes were really cute!


The camp team has experienced a lot in the past few days. Although I joined DENER in the role of a seed teacher, in addition to teaching, I also experienced dancing and acting with children. I was really tired when teaching them how to dance! The children in senior grades were too shy to cooperate at the beginning, so I established some rules.  And occasionally treated them seriously, gradually their degree of cooperation became higher. What surprised me was a group of younger sisters took the initiative to mention that they wanted to play a drama! My eyes immediately light up, and I lead them to rehearse with my love for palace dramas.  I’m glad I could apply my strengths with interest. It’s really rare to have such an opportunity. Finally, it was satisfying watching them finish their performance smoothly.  Although I’m having a sore throat from yelling, but it’s all worth it!


Seed teacher Jing Rong

玉井國小 服務