Close your eyes, sit cross-legged, straighten your waist, feel the flow of breath and air. The exercise allowed the children to calm their heart. After sit quietly for five minutes, let’s start the day of wonderful reading lessons. Today’s courses would also divided the children into four groups and two classes.

In the first class, teacher Liu led the younger children to read the story book “Doctor Dog”. The content of the book reminded the children that health was important and promoted the concept of disease prevention. Then Teacher Liu prepared hand-painted pictures of organs to show the children one by one the organs in the body. The children are all eager to try and wanted to put up pictures of organs on the blackboard.  They were all very focused. Finally, Teacher Liu also designed a study sheet to allow the children to use their imagination, put their ideas on the drawing paper, and draw up their own “organ village”!


At the same time, the senior class started with a game to rejuvenated the children’s mind. The class was taught by teacher Kai Chen. All the students focused on trying to spell out the square of the color specified by the teacher. The students of the two teams also showed their perfect team spirit and assisted the unfinished members to spell out the blocks of the specified color.

After the mini game, it was time to read. Teacher Kai Cheng brought the story book “half and half.” He not only tells the story in the story book, but also shares the same picture with children to interpret the deeper meaning. In the Q&A session, the children also actively shared their understanding of the story; using people and things in the story book to discover different views on their daily life. At the end of the course, through a “guessing” game, it added a happy atmosphere to the classroom and the children also enjoyed it.


The second class of the lower grades was led by teacher Hui An. At the beginning of the course, the teacher asked the children to work together to complete the cover puzzle of a story book “What can I do.” This is to inspire the children’s interest in the story book and to slowly extend the content of the story. Through storytelling, the teacher conveys that “everyone is good for something’’, so that children can understand and appreciate their own value.

In the senior class, Teacher Jing Rong would lead everyone into the interesting world of story book “Why is the sky blue?” Through layers of the story, she would lead the students to see the book from different angles. Everyone has different views about the cover picture, the color, and characters in their hearts. Students rushe to put forward their own opinions. After the story was over, everyone also keep their own interpretation of the story and life in everyone’s heart.


Immediately after, teacher Jing Rong and teacher Liu Peng took everyone into the world of vegetables. The teachers first introduced the names and appearances of various vegetables and the unique effects of each vegetable, so that the children could understand the common vegetables in life. Then through different games, allow the children to deepen the impression of vegetables and their effects.

In the afternoon class, teacher Zi Hua led the younger children to read the story book “Dinosaur Sports Day”. The teacher asks the children to read the content in a relay manner, and then point out the ideas conveyed by the story so the children realize that everyone was unique. In the second half of the class, the children would be taken outside to play a small game. The children must be in a team of two, and holding hands to hold the ball forward, and put the ball into the basket. This was also a demonstration of teamwork spirit.

At the same time, teacher Yi Ting was embarking on a creative journey in his senior class. The two teams first got the story scripts belonging to each group respectively, and then after each person took turns reading and understand them in different tones, they had a clear understanding of their own stories and characters. Then, it was time they draw and made a story book of their own in a teamwork manner. Everyone showed their unique talents in creative painting, and everyone became a little story book teacher. At the end of the course, members of the two teams read out their picture book stories to everyone.

The last lesson was “Magic Mirror, Is You?” by teacher Pei Chen and Yong Hui. During the game you cannot speak, you could only use your body to express the answer. The children’s nonsensical behavior always makes everyone laugh. No matter how difficult the topic was, the children could express it completely with their own body language. We were amazed with their creativity.

The whole day of the course was coming to an end, and the rewards for the two teams—magic fragments were gradually complete. After putting the fragments together, each team found their own magic spell. Seeing that the children’s goal of regaining their magic power was not far away, let us look forward to and welcome children’s magic show tomorrow!