In the summer days, when you walk into Tainan Yujing Elementary School, you can see that children are studying hard. The second day of the course was started by teacher May’s class –“creative soldiers.”

In Teacher May’s class, she prepared cute tailor bags for higher grades. The children all turned into little tailors and made their own cartoon character sets. On the other hand, the lower grade students practiced making their own collage. Through these exercises, the kids cultivated sensitivity and concentration.


At the same time, Teacher Ken’s picture book story-“Something from Nothing” was coming to the climax of the story. By sharing the life stories of Teacher Ken, the students are guided step by step into the story and appreciate the story pictures. Through the story, the children learned how to classify waste and understood the importance of cherishing resources.  In addition, to increase the children’s memory, the teacher designed competition for the kids.

Next, it was the joint class by Teacher Yiting, Ken and Kelly called “Miss Rumphius”.  In order to allow the students to better understand the essence of the story “making the world a more beautiful one”. Teachers made students recite the story in groups and contemplate on the questions. Furthermore, the teacher allowed the students to match flags and flowers in order to know the national flowers for each country in the world. During this matching game, you can see the enthusiastic interaction between the children and the teachers. Everyone seriously wants to win the teacher to get the higher score.


The “Lion who can’t write” class led by Teacher Jun Hui is very popular with children. The teacher, not only allowed children to read picture books step by step, but also have them express their ideas in words.

At the end of the class, teachers fulfilled the promise to the kids by teaching them the lively dance. Everyone gathered together and danced, expressing their inner passion. Each child was actively dancing and taking their own steps.

Each teacher’s characteristics were different, just as each child has his or her own personality.

Children’s personality can be seen from their performance in the class.

Some children are very careful and will compare even the length of the needles. Some children are quiet and will concentrate on feeling and reflected on the beauty of the tea ceremony. Some children have their own ideas, they always ask questions in class and discussed with teachers.  Some children are lively and have a lot of creative ideas, like creating unique “cheese festival”, “ umbrella festival” and so on.

After a few days together, children’s innocence and creativity are the greatest treasures. From these courses, we could easily discover the children’s expertise and potential. As long as the teacher teaches according to their aptitude, we believe that the kids will be able to find their strength in the future life.

The days spent in Yujing, we believe that everyone’s life is a little different as a result of the events. A seed called “opportunities” may have planted in children’s lives because of a certain encouragement from a teacher, a word from a lesson, or an inspiration through an activity.

And for our younger teachers, it was also a rare and valuable experience. As the saying goes, “It takes 10 years to grow trees but a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men”.

Education is a very long road, and we still firmly believe on walking on this path to deeply root children education.