This last class session for seed teacher training was taught by Teacher Xu and Teacher Zhou. Teacher Xu has more than 20 years of teaching experience and has a master in Ecological Humanities from Providence University.

Mr. Xu was the winner of Taichung Excellent Teachers Award and the Ministry of Education’s Award in 2016. He is also the lecturer of 12-Year Basic Education Guidelines by Ministry of Education. Every weekend Teacher Xu would take students to learn in an outdoor setting whether it is sunny or rainy. “Every weather is a good weather,” he said, and used it to encourage students to adapt to the outside environment and the ability to stay calm and resolve problems in sudden situations.


Teacher Xu used the “three states of water” in natural sciences to demonstrate how to learn knowledge and concepts of natural sciences through reading. You could feel the teacher’s ingenuity before reading, and also after the reading as he asked the students to give examples and extended their thinking.  What’s more interesting is that the teacher made “purification of water” as a board game with playing cards.  This way the students could naturally understand the process of water purification through a game.


Then teachers used an article to clarify the principle of “Hot Air Balloon Lifting” for seed teachers. He asked them to use common “tea bags” to simulate the principle of hot air balloon.  Some students wrote down their wishes on the tea bag and the small tea bag become a small sky lantern. After igniting, it gradually lifted off. The entire class were full of joy. After demonstration, the teacher taught students to use graphics to unify knowledge and concepts of the article and then asked them to speak on stage.  Through speaking, the students could observe and learn from each other. Finally, the teacher asked the students to express the principles in their own words, and guided them to integrate learning.

Afternoon classes were held by Teacher Zhou, who graduated from Education Department of National Taipei Educational University and currently works at Pinglin Elementary School in Taichung.

Teacher Zhou likes to use creative and alternative thinking as a solution to educational problems. In addition to reminding everyone the precautions for leading camp teams, Teacher Zhou brought many small games with readily available materials that could be changed into various teaching materials. Students were all looking forward to trying.

Today’s course makes students realize that reading is not just a guide to the knowledge in the books. It can also be scienfic reading and outdoor reading, allowing children to grasp the delight of reading from a variety of topics. Enjoying reading will benefit a person’s life. In addition to enhancing a person’s ability to learn new things, reading can also be used as an inspiration instead of preaching, a reflection on our own shortcomings and encourage us to improve continuously. In the beginning of the training courses, all the students were very shy and unprepared. But after this round of courses, under the instruction of the training teachers, we see the students become more confident.

The reason we want to promote reading is because we always believe that a good book will become an important map to start a journey of life. Through the words, one may find the door to the world, or be repositioned and discover new interests. However, aspect of reading does not limit to just books. Through appreciation of nature, art and logical thinking, one can improve his inner self and open the mind and visions. And besides, through the seed teacher’s plan, it is not only the remote area children who would benefit, but everyone who participated may see a broader and greater possibilities to life.