Supplies for remote mountainous areas-Dual-use lamps for Buddhist Academies

In 2020, DENER added a new LED light for students in remote Buddhist colleges of China. Buddhist colleges in the mountains often faced power outages during their studies due to insufficient power supplies. Sometimes in order to get enough light to learn, students need to work very hard. So, we chose a dual-purpose LED light.


In addition to being used as a flashlight, it could also be used as a small desk lamp for reading. For the students at Buddhist College in the remote mountainous area of ​​China, we hope this light would bring them more convenience. This year we distributed the flashlights to the remote Buddhist colleges that were not delivered last year.

The seven Buddhist colleges include

In Yushu, Qinghai:Thrangu Buddhist College, Thrangu Ani Buddhist College, Dangka Buddhist College, Tashini Buddhist College

In Sichuan:Ganzi Duotuo Buddhist College, Seda Dongka Buddhist College, Dege Tashichiling Buddhist College


The teachers gave us the feedback that the quality of the lamp was very good, and the students were very happy to have this practical tool. Hearing this were like a ray of spring breeze blowing gently, bringing up the smiles on our faces. We hope this little light will become a warm energy and continue to shine in the remote areas.