Starting in mid-September this year, we continued our stationery project, in order to help the children to get more learning resources in the remote area.  We had contacted schools in remote mountainous areas in Taiwan. Most of these schools are located in remote mountains, and most are indigenous kids. Some of these schools have very few students. After understanding their needs, we recorded and prepared suitable stationery to share with the children.

On October 24th, DENER’s volunteers came to organize the stationery. This time there are 1,868 L-shaped folders, 1,756 sets of crayons, and 640 dozen pencils. We carefully confirmed the items and quantities, looking forward to the joy of the children when they receive these stationeries. With the cooperation of everyone, we successfully completed the resorting and packaging of more than twenty boxes of stationeries to the post office for delivery.

These few months, we contacted more than 100 schools. After confirming their needs, we began our preparation. This time, we sent the stationery to the following 26 schools. They are:

Pingtung County: Wenle Elementary School, Gulou Elementary School,

Chunri Elementary School, Jia yi Elementary School, Beiye Elementary School,

Caopu Elementary School, Wan’an Elementary School, Changle Elementary School


Kaohsiung City: Maolin Elementary School, Minsheng Elementary School


Hsinchu County: Dongan Elementary School, Yushan Elementary School,

Xinguang Elementary School, Xiuluan Elementary School, Guanxi Elementary School


Chiayi County: Shi zi Elementary School, Shan Mei Elementary School,

Nanpu Elementary School, Wenshui Elementary School,

Nanzhuang Elementary School


Nantou County: Hongye Elementary School


Taoyuan City: Kuihui Elementary School


Total number of students were 2,834

Every piece of stationery contains the love from many people. Even though the children are far away from us, I believe they would feel everyone’s warm heart and wishes. The weather is getting colder gradually, let’s act to bring warmth to the children!