2018 Bhutan Assistance – Remote Schools

Dear DENER’s friends:

This October, DENER’s volunteers and friends organized a team and head to Bhutan for a ten-day stationary project journey. This time we shipped a lot of supplies to Bhutan, including schoolbag, stationery, colored pencils, children’s English books, candies and cookies. The volunteer team had a better understanding of the schools in Bhutan, local environment, culture and used the opportunity to communicatewith the school and students.

Olathang Primary School

The school was located on a very steep mountain and most of the students are from poor families. When we came to school that day, kindergarten class children were drawing. There were tiny crayons on their desks. When they saw us, they were quite excited. When we took the ‘’DENER SIMBALION colored pens’’ to them, some children hugged them tightly, some kissed them with their mouths, and some even danced with joy.  Looking at their most naive expressions, perhaps this was the greatest motivation that’s driving us all this far.

Dawakha School

In these remote mountain schools, they put up words (pictures) on the walls outside of the classroom to encourage children.  DENER volunteers distributed stationery and colored pencils to the children in Bhutan.

Hapidhing Community Primary School

At elementary school on Mount Punakha, DENER’s volunteers played frisbee and shuttlecock games with children. The children learned very fastand all of them played happily. The school specially arranged the children to perform a few traditional Bhutanese dances for us.  The children’s dance moved us.

Although the conditionsat these remote schools in Bhutan were very simple,every school we visited put great emphasis on environmental protection. Everywhere around the schools we could seereminders to the children on the importance of the environmental protection. They want to teach themthe correct concept from an early ageso they will all learn to take care of their surroundings.