Thrangu Buddhist Academy in Yushu Qinghai, was established in 1945 and has a history of more than 70 years. Through these years, the academy has experienced various difficulties, and it has been in decline for some time. In 1998, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, who was convinced about the need for education, rebuilt the Buddhist Academy. Unfortunately, in 2010, there was a big earthquake in Qinghai and the Buddhist Academy was damaged. After five years of painstaking reconstruction, the Buddhist Academy was officially reopened in 2015.

創古佛學院 偏鄉學校
偏鄉學校 青海

Currently, there are 89 monks study there and it is also one of the Buddhist Academies that DENER has supported on a long-term basis.

佛學院 學僧
青海 偏鄉學校

At the beginning of last month, a teacher from the Buddhist Academy wrote us, explaining that the Buddhist Academy was in severe need of water supply and need urgent assistance. The main reason for the shortage of water is that in the past the academy relied on the municipal water pipes in the neighboring Wencheng Gong Zhu Temple for water supply. However, it was accidentally damaged in a project, and the water would not come through the water pipe.

鑿井 偏鄉學校

Occasionally, when the water supply was less than expected, the monks would carry buckets to search for water on this poor land. The academy had nowhere to ask for help. This water shortage situation had also disrupted the regular order of the Academy. Hence, the teacher of the Buddhist Academy asked us to help them to dig a 40 meters deep well. They estimated that this well can be used by the Academy for at least 20 years, so that the monks could feel more at ease and concentrated on their studies.