Listen to Rural School’s Needs

In the morning of the spring, the streets began with the vitality of the people and that begins our day. In DENER, we are ready to transport the stationery to Hanbao Elementary School, Houliao Elementary School and Xigang Elementary School in Changhua County.

On the road, the bustling scene was replaced by a large paddy field in a blink of an eye. We smelled the pure grass fragrance. Freshness was the adjective we gave.

The first stop was Hanbao Elementary School. The school’s teacher invited the fifth-grade children to the office to help move the stationery to the class. We heard the children’s laughter and whispered to each other, “It’s colored pens!”

德內ㄦ 文具助學
兒童助學 德內ㄦ
文具助學 德內ㄦ

After entered the student’s class, the children lined up to get stationery in an orderly manner. The line was perfect, but it was difficult to conceal the excitement from the children. They shared with friends in a small voice, and the joy was all on their faces, this picture really warmed our hearts.


After the first school, we then head to Houliao Elementary School. When we arrived, the bell rang, the children’s laughter and footsteps gradually increased. Many children ran to the library on the second floor. It turns out that today was their reading day, the long-awaited Tuesday.

文具助學 德內ㄦ
台灣偏鄉學校 德內ㄦ

Accompanied by the sound of children’s play, the school teacher took us to visit the campus, sharing the situation of the school. The school was surrounded by the field. Although it is categorized as a rural school, it has always been ignored by people because the transportation was not as inconvenient as the schools up in the mountains. People always forget that it is a rural school, forget that there were still dozens of children waiting to be trained.  But we did not see signs of discouragement from the school director and teachers, the school still strive to give children all-day care, including after-school tutoring and a varieties of after-school learning courses. The teachers and lecturer fees for these after-school tutoring all lies on the school. And DENER also hopes that we could devote our efforts help these children.

Today’s last stop was Xigang Elementary School.  As we walked in into the principal’s room, a series of installations made by children were neatly placed on the table. The principal enthusiastically introduced us and shared interesting facts.  From the principle’s eyes, we could feel that the principle was very proud of the school children.


In Xigang Village, there were duck farms next to every house. The principal explained that there were many duck farmers in this area. The way they raised ducks were unique and environmentally friendly.  At the end of the meeting, the principal also shared a book with us “The Little Things in the Big City, Beautiful Collection”, which introduced the environment and ecology of Xigang Elementary School.

We personally visited the schools, listened to every school’s needs, hoping to bring more substantial help to the children. We also hope by sharing this report, more people would understand the current situation of rural schools, and we can work together to support them.