I still remember clearly at the stationery preparation meeting last year, we discussed the types of stationery to be prepared. In addition to mechanical pencils, books, erasers and pencil cases, it was agreed at the time that 12-color colored pencils should be added. During field visits in the past few years, we learned that children in these remote areas lack resources for extracurricular activities such as art, sports and music. But it is these activities that most inspire the creativity and actions of young children. Therefore, in order to allow these children from remote area to draw, we’ve decided to add new colored pencils to our stationary set.

偏鄉孩童 文具

The children did live up to our hopes. The teacher said that the children love to draw and often draw with colored pencils. Under the organization of the teachers, there was also a drawing competition. Not long ago, we received a large stack of children’s drawings from each grade from Qinghai school.  When we open the paintings one by one, we were immediately brought into the colorful and infinitely imaginative world. Because the children’s paintings were full of different themes,It was like getting into Doraemon’s “Arbitrary Door” that can see through the snowy plateau thousands of miles away. In their world, there were Tibetan uncles with thick eyebrows; there were all kinds of collectors’ houses, tents, domes and square roofs; flowers on the grasslands, yellow and blue; the blue sky with green grassland.  There were cattle and sheep, the murmuring river and from time to time you can hear the crisp calls of birds, or all of them flying by slowly.

There was also live HELLO KITTY and Mickey’s good friend Donald Duck. There was also an underwater world in the children’s painting; And in the distance, religious flags and green grass echoing with each other, seemingly dancing with the faint sound of the piano in the wind.

偏鄉兒童 畫作

For a long time, we were immersed in each picture. Although not all the children’s paintings were professional and beautiful, the lines of each stroke showed seriousness and carefulness by the children. The mountain peaks, floating white clouds, and the straight lines on the roof all show that some of them were drawn by ruler. The usage of color with multiple layers shown without losing the beauty of harmony. Children can also use these colored pencils to completely outline the distant peaks, the white clouds in the sky, the waves in the sea, and even the half-open window at home. These children’s paintings were all good display of their beautiful mind. They best expressed their careful observation, patience, meticulousness and inherent talent.

In the paintings by the first and second grade children, the children’s tender strokes expressed their inner emotions. In the third and fourth grade children, they looked at their paintings seriously and painted them. Fifth and sixth grade children already had their own ideas and drew what they like and add some text. We also found that several children painted more than one picture, like the one boy who handed in three paintings. The theme selection and composition of each of his paintings made us unforgettable.

In order to encourage these children to continue to paint, we decided to give some gifts to the children in each class. We picked basketball and football, as well as different chess games such as flying chess, military chess, checkers as prizes. In addition, we also chose a globe with map of the world to donate to the school, hoping that children can understand the geography and see the vast world.

In each of these colorful and childlike paintings, it was as if we saw the innocent smiling faces of the children. We hope to encourage more children to draw what they see, hear and think, and wish that their creativity will flow endlessly. This would be our greatest joy.