Become Someone Else’s Teacher for the First Time

Because my elder school sister was a seed teacher at DENER, so I stepped into this group and embarked on a series of fresh journeys. When I heard that I was going to take training courses, I was actually quite scared because it was the first time for me. I was worried that I would be unfamiliar or unable to keep up with the progress. I had no idea how to use the picture book to teach.  And this year, due to the epidemic situation, I used distance teaching. I sat in front of the computer and looked at my partners and teachers. I found that the content of the course was unexpectedly interesting and special!

What impressed me the most was the first class of the picture book teaching “So Hungry and Hungry Caterpillar” led by teacher Shi Yuzhen. This class greatly converted my imagination. I never thought that the picture book could be extended so broadly. Such a variety of activities, such as using cups to make caterpillars, combined stories to English, and creating study sheets for students to practice.  After the four-day training course, I could only say that I benefited a lot.

We came to Huzhu Elementary School in Nantou County for the first time to teach. As soon as I entered the campus, I felt the vitality of the aboriginal children. Every child smiled brightly and I was ready for them. Since I was the last one to teach, I watched the teaching process of other seed teachers all day.  I felt as if I had gone through several classes myself.  I started to feel a little tired, but the vitality of the child remained undiminished. At this moment, I was willing to believe that I was old.

Before entering the school to serve, I had actually made a lot of preparations thinking about what kind of students I would meet. However, when you really encounter students who were difficult to control, you still don’t know how to deal with it.  I tried to calm down and talked to them slowly, seriously realize that facing children requires a lot of patience and methods.  And how to grasp their attention is also a big problem.

At first, I stood on the stage facing everyone, and suddenly I didn’t know what I should say. The original plan was disrupted by uncontrolled children. Finally, I hold it but I still stammer. By the second half of the class, I was so tired. At last, I asked the students to create the study sheet that they designed. In fact, I really liked this part, apart from knowing their personalities and gave them a chance to show their talents, I could also take a break. At the end of the session, my partners still encouraged me, said that I did a great job and I felt that the support from my partner was really important.

I was not all satisfied with the first teaching, but however it was an unforgettable and an important experience. I was very thankful to DENER for giving me a chance to be a teacher. I really designed a whole set of courses and made props. I thought all these efforts were for what I liked, so everything was worthwhile and precious.

Seed teacher Liu Peng