2020 “Seed Teacher Project”–Training Course (4)

May 31st was the fourth session of the seed teacher training. Early morning, students gathered at DENER. At first, the director encouraged all the seed teachers, “After training of these courses, everyone now has a good understanding of teaching introductions, the design and planning of the courses and the methods in guiding story book reading. The process of learning is slow and gradual, but it is certainly something that everyone can take away with once you learned it. “

Then DENER’s first seed teacher Ming led today’s class and shared her experience. Teacher Ming is a Junior student of Chi Nan International University in Nantou County. she has participated in the 2018 Sichuan Ganzi “More Reading More Happiness” activity with DENER’s volunteer team, 2019 Tainan Yujing teaching activity and the Nepal study aid project. First, Ming prepared a mini game to interact with the seed teachers. Due to COVID-19, a large part of seed teacher’s training this time were conducted online. Through the opportunity of playing games, the students could get to know each other’s interests, hobbies and also bring each one closer.


The seed teachers began to select the picture books that they wanted to teach this time. Some of them had already thought about it in advance and brought their favorite themes. So it didn’t take much time, everyone has selected the picture books.Immediately, Ming shared the idea of creative extension with a 3 by 3 grid: centering on the theme of each person’s picture book, the partners of other teams provide suggestions for the extended reading activity content. Through this discussions and brainstorming, each seed teacher will have a stream of new ideas and thoughts. The seed teachers actively involved in the discussion. There are so many possibilities for the extended content of a picture book.

The afternoon class continued the morning discussion on the practice of picture books. Ming continued to share the essentials of writing lesson plans with the seed teachers. She shared many cases with the students based on her own experience, so the students can clearly understand the key points in writing lesson plans through a guided way, and timely reminded everyone of the possible situations in teaching and emergency plan B.

On the second half of the course, the students started to write down the content of their own teaching plans. Teacher Huang and Teacher Pan, who previously taught the seed teachers, also came to assist the students with Ming. In order to bring the children the best quality courses, the seed teachers attentively write down their idea, constantly revising the content of the lesson plans, and showing their creativity.

During this training process, we saw the hope of knowledge inheritance. The training from experienced teachers to seed teachers and their hard work and dedications with the hope to make the children feel love and joy. We also hope that the seed teachers would gain something from this experience and would continue to share love with those in need through services in the future.