May 16th is the first class of seed teacher training. In compliance with the government’s epidemic prevention measures, it was conducted online. We were honored to invite Teacher Rong Yuan Chen to kick off the course for everyone. Teacher Chen has a wide range of qualifications and he was also very kind.  Although on-line course has separate him from the students through a screen, but we didn’t feel the distance.

First, teacher Chen played a video clip that was circulated on the Internet. The content was a parent teaching his child how to divide. In the video, you could see that the parent was quick in the calculation, but the answer was written in the wrong position, which in turn, lead to wrong calculation and answer. Teacher Chen used this video to tell the students that they must be fully prepared, draw up teaching strategies and be familiar with the teaching content before teaching.

Teacher Chen uses “What” and “How” to guide students into the course one by one.

Then there were more scientific teaching methods. Mr. Chen introduced the three levels of CK, PK, and PCK; From what to teach, teaching knowledge and how to teach, Teacher Chen explained to the students in detail. Teacher Chen then prepared the text “Secret Detective Agency” written by author Guo Yingting to demonstrate to the students.

From leading the students to observe the cover illustration, guess the story theme and cultivate the sensitivity to infer the content from the cover. Later, he introduced four levels of reading comprehension, and used bingo games to interact with everyone, so that students can experience the difference between being a student and a teacher. In this part, students can feel a new angle of seeing things while changing their identities.

From “reading” to “reading aloud”. Teacher Chen led us to compare various reading methods, from co-reading, relay reading to silent reading. Co-reading could train children to work together, they must have a tacit to read the text correctly. Relay reading requires a higher concentration; and reading in mind was the fastest than the others. Later, Teacher Chen suggested that when preparing for teaching, you could use the “mind map” to summarize the main idea of ​​the article. Facing this unfamiliar area, students are grasping the subject slowly.

Finally, teacher Chen and students discussed the beautiful rhetoric in the book, such as ‘’da da da da like a machine gun’’, ‘’the sound of plastic bags’’, ‘’ring ring ring like the passing of bicycle’’ these were use as adverbial words, and all of rhetorical applications could be put forward in teaching.

The morning class led by Teacher Chen, helped many students who were first exposed to teaching to build up valuable knowledge. The lessons in the afternoon were taught by teacher Yuzhen Shi. Teacher Shi graduated from the International Enterprise Institute of Da-Yeh University.  She now works at Guanglong Elementary School in Taichung City currently and she has considerable teaching experience. The picture book shared by teacher Shi this time was “The Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carr. The course combines the content of the picture book with the props to extend more reading activities to teach students skills that they could use to lead picture book reading.

At the beginning of the course, Teacher Shi led the students to read picture books together and matched the self-made caterpillar props to make the reading process more interesting and more attractive to the students. Teacher Shi also designed several study sheets for students to use as reference examples. The study sheets can be amended according to the content of the picture book and discussed in more detail. In this way, it will deepen students’ understanding of the content of the picture books.

Next, teacher Shi played the English version of the picture book and linked the contents of the picture book with English subjects, which resulted in different kinds of board games with fun activities. Teacher Shi invited the students to demonstrate the game together, so that students could be more involved in the course and understand the educational significance of the game.

Finally, teacher Chen also supplemented by commenting that there are additional elements, such as the pronunciation, vocabularies, memory skill games…which could make the picture book more proficient. In addition, teacher Chen also suggested that some concepts in mathematics can be combined to make memory much more efficient.

The whole-day’s course first started with the clear teaching structure taught by teacher Chen coupled with lively and interesting teaching methods by teacher Shi.  The students had learned a lot in a relaxed learning atmosphere. Watching the training teachers interact with the trainees, sharing the trajectories of their lives and passing on each other’s ideas, we silently hope that the students will be enriched in the future courses.  They will be able to create their own unique teaching styles, become unique seed teachers and share knowledge to more children in need.