The most touching moment in this Nepal trip were the activities carried with the little monks.

In our understanding, we often felt that little monks had left their home and came to the monastery without the warmth and care of their family, and that they would unavoidably feel lonely.  Yet what we saw was that little monks studied very hard and had much fun with their friends. They were studious and lovely.

It was especially profound to see the little monks playing with their teachers. In my impression, the teacher was always serious and attentive to the students. But here, the teacher will play games with them, even played and chased with the little ones.  Teachers will take care of the younger monks with great concern and teach the older monks with all their heart. Teachers also raise small animals with the little monks. The dogs would quietly sit at the door of the classroom during class. After class, they would played with the little monks. They were so lovely!

It’s great to interact with the little monks and fully feel the natural integration of heaven, earth, people and small animals!