On July 18, the seed teachers of DENER went to Huzhu Elementary School in Renai Township, Nantou County to teach. Most of the children from Huzhu Elementary School are from the Saidiq aboriginal group; the liveliness and innocence of this group of children is impressive. From Huzhu Elementary School, you can see the magnificent scenery at a glance. There is a feeling of cheerfulness. Nature has created a clean learning environment.

The day started with teacher Yi Ting’s game. A series of interesting games allowed the children to get closer to the seed teachers while having fun warming up for the day’s course. Then teacher Zi Hua led the children to read the story book “Dinosaur Games” as the first class. In the course, teacher encouraged the children to think through question and answer, and the children also spoke enthusiastically and shared their thoughts. At the end of the course, Teacher Zi Hua conveyed to the children that everyone is unique and there must be values that are worth learning from others. Immediately afterwards, teacher Wei Chen continued the course and entered the physical education class. The hot weather could not dissipate the children’s enthusiasm. The children ran as much as possible, they are so passionate! The last class in the morning was led by teacher Jin Rong to read the story book together. Teacher Jin Rong changed the vocal tract to match the story book to make the lesson more interesting. Reading aloud filled the classroom and the children were immersed in the story book.


In the afternoon, teacher Hui An started the first class. After introducing a variety of occupations, Hui An let the children share their dreams one by one. The children’s words made people laugh, but they also showed their simplicity. In the next lesson, Teacher Liu Peng will lead the children to read story books together. Teacher Liu combined the content of the story book to teach children about human organs, and designed a study sheet to let the children fully express their creativity. The children are quite happy in it.

The full course was quickly over, and the children thank the teachers with the unique applause of the indigenous people. The whole day of the course also came to an end. The DENER seed teachers came from different schools and backgrounds, and have their own expertise and preferences, hence when they decide the teaching courses, they are all very different. Through the discussion and preparation of teachers with each other, the courses are enriched and diversified. In this teaching service, the seed teachers not only left beautiful memories in their interaction with the children, but also learned a lot from the children. I believe that through this experience, the seed teachers have a deeper understanding of teaching. In their future teaching services, these will serve as aids, making their teaching more and more mature, and constantly sharing warmth and love with children in need.  We also hope that the children of Huzhu Elementary School will grow up healthy and happy.