In October 2018, DENER’s volunteers and friends went to Bhutan for the stationery project. In addition to the remote schools we reported, this time our team also went to Buddhist Institute in mountainous sites. In these remote areas, monasteries often take on the responsibility of education. Little monks in these monasteries not only had to take care of themselves but also had to take care of others. These few years, through our stationary project as a seed, DENER had been able to make good connections with these students in the little-known places around the world.

The purpose of our general education is to cultivate outstanding talents in order to promote social progress and century-long development of our society. In the same way, Buddha gave the heavy responsibility of the Dharma to his disciples; it is the sanghas’ responsibilities to spread the Dharma. Only the pure and solemn Sangha is the source of blessing for the world and these Sanghas also require education. Therefore, DENER provide stationery to support the monk students.  It is our hope that by doing so, the monk students would be able to spend their energy to study and concentrate on their practice.

Serlung Pekar Choling

There were more than two hundred monk students studying at the Buddhist Institute in the mountains of Punakha. In the majestic monastery, DENER’s volunteers provided schoolbags and stationery to the monk students one by one, hoping that the students would find them useful.

Tara Nunnery

Tara Nunnery was located on Yanbu Mountain and it was built by our teacher Khentrul Rinpoche. In the past, nun students encountered many difficulties in life as well as studying. Knowing this, Khentrul Rinpoche encouraged the nuns to have courage and confidence in themselves. At Tara Nunnery, nuns were very good at craft. In addition to studying, they would weave some handmade jewelry. The youngest was only eight years old this year, and she was very shy when she saw us. I heard from her teacher that she had been here since she was a child, and she was very serious and hard working. Maybe that’s the reason her eyes have a kind of determination that’s beyond her age.

Bhutan Nalanda Buddhist Institute

Nalanda Buddhist Institute was located in the beautiful but remote mountainous area. The car needs to be placed a few kilometers away and then walk in slowly. When I came here a few years ago, the walls of the school building fell off and the steel bars were exposed because of the earthquake. After repairing, the school building had been now rebuilt.  The principal of the Buddhist Institute was very happy to see us again and shared with us some interesting facts about the school. In addition to providing stationery, we also happily shared the snacks with the monk students. They all felt strange about these exotic snacks.

Tango Dordena Buddhist Institute

When I came to this Buddhist Institute that day, it was already late. This was a Buddhist Institute with a history of more than 600 years. Buddhist teachers said that they had been out of power in the past few days, so after evening classes, the monk students would return to their rooms. But since we came from very far, they want to pray for us in the main hall.

In the large hall, the only light was a row of candles in front of the Buddha statue. The monk students sat in the hall one by one and chanted ancient scriptures. The blessing echoed in the air, and our hearts felt extremely touched and calm. We hope the education of these monk students would be successful and they in turn will be able to influence those around them.




當伸出手遞上一件件文具,看見孩子們臉上喜悅的表情,嘴角是彎彎的,蹦蹦跳跳來領文具。讓我想起了,小時候有人送我文具時的場景,那種快樂和無以言表的幸福∼∼原來給予是雙向的,好似文具是給他們的,他們卻也給予我心靈最深處的溫暖,謝謝你們!”~ Lilly 李顏全

兒童助學 可愛的孩子