“I was very touched and appreciated the opportunity to participate in the stationary project activity in Qinghai Yushu Juela Elementary School in August 2015. Our group was led by Angela and we represented many kindness people from all over (Taiwan) to go visit the school. This was a boarding school with students from poor residents and children in the remote mountainous area. The traffic to the school was very inconvenient. It took more than three hours to drive from the city to school, and half of them were on the rugged mountain road. But when we arrived at the school, we were presented with beautiful mountain scenery, innocent children’s smiles, simple and amiable teachers and three college student supporters. Although the children were very poor and their clothes and quilts look old and worn, but they still show such pure and flawless smiles. When we distributed the stationaries, the children were as happy as if they are celebrating Chinese New Year. The joyful atmosphere also affected us, we sang and danced with the teachers. This was an unforgettable day! But I also saw their nutritional deficiencies (12-year-old children is very short and thin) and their lunch was just rice noodles. We think milk would be needed very much. The dorm had no heater and the quilt was very thin. Of course, these were just material demand. Spiritually, their daily classes were very full. I believe that the children raised by such schools and teachers would become good people and would contribute positively to society. In addition, I was impressed that Mr. Puntsuo drove us from the beginning to end. The other teachers also had many contacts with us. They were far less greedy than people in big cities, although their conditions were also very difficult. But they always showed contentment on their faces. Whether we eat together or travel together, we never hear a single word of complaint about the country, hard life or the surrounding environment. They showed natural virtue, without selfishness and fear. Hence, they are happy. I was very appreciative of Mr. Puntsuo and other teachers. I also pray for the children in the mountains, and wish them to continue their study and enhance their wisdom.

Volunteer Maggie

德內ㄦ 志工