On the last day of the event, guests and parents will come witness little magicians’ achievements. Because they’ve collected all the magic fragments yesterday, they have found their own magic power. Little magicians use the mantra and symbols they obtained to perform magic. The symbols obtained by each team are different, including paper cups, mop, shopping paper bags and PET bottles. In the morning, each team led discussion to decide how to use the symbol, and arrange a suitable performance method in order to prepare to perform their magic in the afternoon !

After tedious practice by each team, the first team to perform is team spades. The children use paper cups as musical instruments, playing along with the rhythm of the music, allowing the paper cups to demonstrate more functions and making the original songs different.

After watching the children’s performance, the professors, messengers, and fairies also happily sang and danced for the little magicians. The teachers’ performances showed a difference side of them from the usual teaching activities. The atmosphere became cheerful and interesting, full of laughter and power.

At the end of the program, we also once again aroused the children’s awareness of environmental protection. Through the symbols picked by each team, we illustrated the concept of resource recycling in daily life and the benefits of waste utilization, so that children can understand and cherish the resources while having fun. Passing the   knowledge through playing, children will be able to deepen their understanding of the knowledge.

In the awards ceremony, we also felt very happy to see the happy smile faces of the teams when they received the awards. At the same time, Master Jue Xin also prepared gifts for the DENER team and invited the children to present us with flowers, which made the teachers felt extremely moved.


Time goes by so fast, the Reading Magic Camp was completed.  We are not only thankful to the children for their enthusiastic participation, but also to all teachers, team assistants, volunteers and Tathagata House for their great service in making the whole camp goes smoothly. From the initial planning to the joining and assistance of individual members, everyone worked very hard toward the same goal. During the whole preparation process, everyone has spent a lot of effort, whether it was in the preparation of the course or the arrangement of the activities. Our intention is so that the children would gain something through the process. We also believed that all the teachers and volunteers involved in this service felt the deep joy that the children brought to them.

Looking back at the empty promenade, everything we experienced in the past few days are still vivid. Thinking of the happy and satisfied smiles of the children when they were leaving, we were convinced that the seeds of education had been deeply buried in their hearts. Through time, these deeply buried educational seeds, under the care of various special intentions, would also grow up silently and bloom into different meanings.