In 2018, DENER Children sent stationery to the following schools:

1INDIASikkim Rumtek Monastery Karma Shri Nalanda College100
2INDIASikkim Lund Charity Primary School150
3INDIAThrangu Vajra Vidya Institute300
5BHUTANKuengarabzen Nunnery Bhutan200
6BHUTANTara Monastic School100
7BHUTANKarma Leksheling Primary School100
8BHUTANNalanda Buddhist Institute200
9BHUTANYutou Gompa Paro Shaba200
10BHUTANSangchen Choekhor Buddhist College200
11BHUTANCheri Monastic School250
12BHUTANDawakha School200
13BHUTANHapidhing Community School200
14BHUTANWoodchu Primary School600
15NEPALNepal Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School700
16NEPALNepal Tek Chok Ling100
17NEPALPullahari Monastic School200
19CHINAJiang Da school800
20CHINALuokema Zhibei School2000
21CHINADuomang Pimary School200
22CHINAWenshu School200
23CHINADong Ga Primary School100
24CHINAHuo Si Primary School200
25CHINABai Ge Monastic School200
26CHINADuotuo Monastic School110
27CHINAZari Yongkang Monastic School80
28CHINADuokesi Monastic School150
29CHINAYa Qin Monastic School200
30CHINATashu Monastic School70
31CHINATashu Primary School100
32CHINADazu Primary School100
33CHINAGong Bao School240
34CHINAYushu Nangqian County Primary School150
35CHINAJuela Boarding School300
36CHINAZi Niang Middle School200
37CHINAThrangu Buddhist School250
38CHINAThrangu Nunnery100
39CHINADang Ka Monstic School100
40CHINABian Chin Buddhist College200
41CHINARejiu Buddhist College50


More Reading, More Happiness: Teaching services at rural area schools

In 2018, for the “More Reading, More Happiness” aid project, we went to Ganzi, Sichuan in China.  Since it’s during summer vacation, we cooperated with the local charity bookstore to hold reading activity with the kids. Four seed teachers arranged interesting courses and led twelve children into the world of reading. In addition, we also shared examples of parent-child reading to encourage parents to accompany their children to read together at home.


Seed Teachers: Recruiting and Training seed teachers

This year, we invited Teacher Wu, who has years of teaching experience, to conduct two “volunteer training seminars” for volunteer teachers who are going to remote villages. In addition to sharing teaching methods and leading reading skills, teachers also let seed teachers plan their own teaching content.