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Da Nan Elementary School’s unique Culture Da Nan Elementary School is the fifth aboriginal experimental elementary school in Taitung County, also known as Taromak Tribal Experimental Elementary School. The aboriginal experimental elementary school mainly incorporates the “Aboriginal Learning Principles” into curriculum in order to maintain the aboriginal education in the hope to preserve the precious […]


DENER has been implementing the stationery program for more than ten years. Recently, we learned that many schools have planned morning reading and reading courses. However, some schools lack the resources due to aging of the books and the inability to apply for funds to renew them. Some schools want to expand the library, but […]


Supporting the remote Buddhist Academy was a long-term project for DENER. Through contact with the teachers of the Buddhist academy, we were able to prepare all kinds of supplies such as stationery, school bags, dual-use lamps and send the necessary resources to the remote Buddhist academies to support the student monks to study with a […]

遠距 偏鄉物資

“Many of our children don’t have any equipment during online teaching, and they have to wait for their parents to get home from work and use their parent’s phone to participate in the class.” “When phone rings, online courses would be interrupted, and it will take them a long time to come back online.” “My […]

Love have no distance-tablet project report Due to the online learning policy, DENER launched a tablet collection campaign last month. These past few days, we re-arranged 16 tablets and laptops that we collected and 35 new tablets friends bought. The tablets and laptops were all delivered to the remote school of Nantou County. The tablet […]


In 2020, DENER added a new LED light for students in remote Buddhist colleges of China. Buddhist colleges in the mountains often faced power outages during their studies due to insufficient power supplies. Sometimes in order to get enough light to learn, students need to work very hard. So, we chose a dual-purpose LED light. […]