The most memorable volunteer service – Jue La Elementary School

For volunteer Yi-Ning, the most memorable volunteer service was in August 2017. DENER team went to Jue La Elementary School in Yushu, Qinghai Province, at an altitude of nearly 4,300 meters. The team went to start the reading assistance project.

From noon to 3:00 pm was break time for the children. They like to take their books and played in a small open space in front of the classroom. And some of them would study and discuss together. They studied very hard.

One afternoon, volunteer Yi-Ning took her laptop and approached the children who was playing. Because the children have never seen the laptop before, so they were very curious about the machine.  Volunteer Yi-Ning and children used body language, some Chinese words to explore photos and videos on the computer together. The children were very excited about the simple animation films, a few scenery photos and just a click to take pictures.

Recalling those days at the school, the volunteer said,“The children’s lives were plain and simple, everything was so peaceful and indifferent. But the children’s curiosity and exploration still remained in my heart even after a long time.’’