Due to the severity of the epidemic, the seed teacher training course on May 15 were changed to online teaching. This course was taught by teacher Wu Yongyi, she taught students how to play an auxiliary role in the teaching scene and guide the children to learn. Teacher Wu also shared several ways to read picture books, such as the use of tone, changes in emotions, or changes in colors and expressions to bring about interest in the picture books. Interspersed between the theory and the cases were the teaching methods that Teacher Wu has practiced over the years. At the end of the class, Teacher Wu reminded the students that what the reading class conveys were not only the text in the picture book, but more importantly, leading the children to continue to think and explore, bring about spark in their brains.


We were honored to be able to invite Teacher Wu Yongyi again to teach the seed teacher advanced training course on May 23rd. This new advanced class were especially added for seed teachers this year. Ms. Wu has long served as an outstanding promoter for the Taiwan Reading Culture and Education Foundation, and had won the first prize of the second National Super Teacher Award for Taiwan. She has a very rich teaching experience. Due to the epidemic, this course was temporarily changed to online teaching last week. Teacher Wu rushed to DENNER in advance to make the course videos.

種子老師 培訓
種子老師 培訓

At the beginning of the course, teacher Wu emphasized that reading picture books was not only a story between the lines, but also an emotional connection. Through thematic reading and texts, the teacher can help the children to think dialectically.  And find the same connection between the picture book and the children’s growth process. When the children can bring emotions into the reading books and transform external information into internal thoughts, we can meet truth, goodness, and beauty together with the children. And this would be the inner treasure we hope reading can really bring to the children.

種子老師 培訓

The courses for two weekends had been continuously adjusted as the epidemic changes. Thanks very much to teacher Wu, for her hard work to record the course content and selflessly share the methods and her teaching experience. Thank you all for your cooperation, actively studying online and completing homework. One student wrote in his after-class experience, “It feels unreal to sit in front of the screen and watch the teacher.  We were just experienced and tried new things together last week. But it also made me realize that we must take everything seriously and seize the chance. If you miss the opportunity, there will be no more.” Though few short sentences but were really touching. During this time, what we could do now is to enrich and prepare ourselves. When we truly step into the rural area, we would be able to make the best use of what we had learned and give back to more children.